Arylic 4th Giveaway - Win Big Prize!- End

2022.11.19 Updated

This was the first time we ran the Arylic Forum giveaway contest , so thank you to everyone who participated and gave our team not only a great incentive from your projects, but also a great surprise!:+1:We can’t help but marvel at the talent of Arylic users!

So it was a big headache for our judges, I and our CEO Ryan, CTO Frank, PM Simon and CHE Landon had a 5 hour meeting to decide on the winners! Based on popularity & judges opinion.

Without further ado, the winner goes to…

  1. Amazing Wall-Hanging Super Flat Layout for Multi-Room Setup Using Up2Stream Amps and Up2Stream Pros?
  2. Up2Stream Plate Amp 2.1 portable sound system with Dayton Audio Epique subwoofer and passive radiators

The 3rd prize has two(no orders)
3-1. 2.1 Soundbar with Visaton Speaker
3-2. Multiple system upgrades now with 6x A50+

The 4th prize has Five(no orders)
4-1. 4 zone Up2Stream Amp home audio build
4-2. My project with up2stream pro V2
4-3. Cow radio? Yes of course!
4-4. Up2Stream Amp birch plywood boombox
4-5. A short story about how I designed a modular and expandable mounting system for Arylic AMP boards

Thank you all again for your participation, everyone who shared their work was fantastic and impressive. Thank you for your time and support of Arylic.

We will contact the winners in 2 days. Congratulations!

Did you all enjoy the event?

_ins 1080

This October, enter to win the versatile wireless streaming system giveaway from Arylic! Now through Nov. 17th, it’s your chance to win an incredible multiroom system. Gear includes S50 Pro+,Up2stream HD DAC, and Up2stream Plate Amp 2.1. Join Now! You are the winner!

:alarm_clock: Time: Oct . 18th. 2022 - Nov. 17th .2022
:partying_face:Prize :

  1. Up2stream HD DAC x1
  2. S50 Pro+ x1
  3. Up2stream Plate Amp 2.1 x2
  4. 30% OFF Coupon x 5

:man::woman:Target Participants:

  • Any Arylic Users

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:How To Win?

  1. Share your posts under #arylic4th , talk about your experience or your system, projects with your Arylic devices. Share anything related to Arylic!
    (Such as sound experience, multiroom, application, projects/ Arylic how to improve/ change your life)

  2. After the end of the activity will be based on the quality of the content(100 words up+ 3 pics/a video) and post hot rating(likes + comments) awards.

Tips: Original content , visual related, raise engagements, clear typography, reasonable beautification could help you add more chance to win!

  1. At the end of the event, 9 quality content creators will be randomly selected to win the prize, and each user will only have one chance to win in this event.

  2. This event is for original content only, which is being posted for the first time on the Arylic Forum. And the posting date is during the campaign period.

  3. Winners will be announced after 5 business days.

Winner Tips!
Share the post on your social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or related community. Ask your family and friends help you to win the big prize!


Winner Hints
  1. We will contact the winner in 5 business days. If the winner cannot be contacted for personal reasons, he/she will be deemed to have automatically forfeited the prize and the prize will not be reissued.

  2. The physical prizes will be issued one after another within 10 working days after winning, please wait patiently. Please understand that the delivery time cannot be guaranteed if the logistics is affected by force majeure reasons such as epidemic.

  3. After the physical prizes are sent out, we do not support forwarding; if the prizes cannot be signed for by the winning user due to personal reasons, the prizes will be deemed to be automatically abandoned and will not be reissued.

Activity instructions
  1. The users to participate in the activity is considered to understand and agree to the rules of this activity, you have the right to choose whether to participate in this activity.

Users must post in accordance with the Arylic Community Code of Conduct, not violate laws and regulations, not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, and not violate social order and morals. All posts that participate in the award selection must be original.

  1. The Arylic operator has the right to use all or part of the posting content (including text and image content, portraits, etc.) in domestic and international online and offline media or media for profit or non-profit purposes, either by itself or by authorizing third parties. If the work contains personal information of the contributor (such as photos of the contributor himself/herself or his/her family) that requires privacy treatment before redistribution, the contributor should make a clear statement in writing to the organizer at the time of submission.
  1. The personal information you provide will only be used for the purpose of information contact and reward issuance for this activity, and will not be used for other purposes.

  2. We will take the necessary technical means to ensure that your personal information is secure, not leaked, misused or stolen, lost or accidentally . We will only retain your personal information for as long as necessary to achieve the above purposes, and will delete or anonymize your personal information after the retention period.

  3. Arylic has the final interpretation right for this activity.



Cool! Do I have to pay anything after I win? Like shipping?


Of course no! We will afford all fees.
Hey looks like you are ready to compete for the championship!


Amazing!The prize are wonderful!

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I haven’t used acrylic yet but stumbled onto these products looking for a solution to stream music to my vintage Kenwood receiver and celestion speakers! Looking forward to trying out some acrylic gear!

Me the amplifier is very good sound and strong I being used the arylic module for my diy speaker with wifi i appreciate and i celebrate with you

Expecting to win big prize!

I have bought two systems till now. One is DIY and not competed yet, the other one is in my bedroom hooked up on TV and a pair of PSB bookshelf’s speakers. I must say the sound is great even thought the sound source is miserable and connected to the analog input.

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Thanks for all competitors. The giveaway is ended. We will post the winners right away!

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Wow. I won! That’s a pretty fun email to wake up to. Ok, my big ask to Arylic is, can you please post CAD files for all of your devices? I say this because I wasn’t going to enter this contest. I actually posted on this forum initially just to see if anyone had CAD files so I didn’t have to design them (because like everyone why reinvent the wheel) and so I had exact screw hole patterns. However, since I had already posted I figured I’d add the #arylic4th tag. Lo and behold, you guys liked my project.

So, Arylic, can you please please, for the sake of all of us DIY’ers, post CAD files for all of your stuff including any future stuff so we have an easier time CAD’ing out our designs. Maybe even toss in all the stuff in your standard library like I had to use in my design like power supplies.

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Thank you Arylic - cool to get in 2. place :slight_smile:

Congratulations to John!!

Agree with John - 3D models would be great - specially for the DIY parts - I use 3D models for all my projects.

Again, big thanks to Arylic – great products and a great community/forum

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Figured I’d share a video about my whole build process.

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@John_Lauer @mundsen Sure John and Mundsen.
I will report to our team to see if we can offer the files.

And thanks for the video for everyone to get more details:)