My project with up2stream pro V2

This project was born a year ago when, looking for a solution to create a media center, I found the Up2stream board.
The idea was to create a system to read audio files from hard disk and equipped with digital and analog outputs to connect it to other hifi devices.
Also i added a power amplifier in order to have a complete system.
The project is based on the up2stream pro V2 card; using the i2s bus I connected a card with spdif digital outputs in coaxial, optical, aes-ebu and hdmi format; for the analog outputs I chose the Toneboard card, made by Khadas, which uses the chip es9038q2m Sabre 32 bit DAC.
Unfortunately it is not possible to connect the toneboard card via i2s, so I connected the spdif output of the digital card to the spdif input; however, the toneboard is equipped with a USB DAC input.
As a power amplifier I used the icepower 50asx2, 2 stereo channels of 50w, enough for any speaker.
All boards are powered by meanwell 5 volt 4 ampere ac-dc switching power supply, except the icepower amplifier which already has a built-in power supply.
With an on-off button circuit, two relays are controlled, the first for the 5 volt low voltage power supply, the second for the 220v ac power supply of the icepower amplifier.
As a case I chose the H60 model produced by Relan and it is 20 x 20 x 6 cm large
The project is completed by a potentiometer volume control with buffer amplifier made with an op275 analog device operational amplifier, LED panel indicating which input is active ( connected to the appropriate output of the upstream card ), external wifi antenna, usb socket on the side of the case, knob of solid wood volume ( jujube tree ).
The final quality is really excellent, the sound very nice, without hums or background noises, it connects to any source: nas hdd with DLNA protocol, airplay, bluetooth, wifi, ethernet; and everything is easily controllable via the 4stream app.
Today with the new Arylic boards equipped with multiple outputs the project becomes much simpler and not all the boards used in this realization are necessary.


Nice work Andrea.

Beautiful work and case!

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Hello Joy,
thank you for the good news.
I’m really happy and can’t wait to try new projects.
your products are really great.


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Wow! So cute!