Up2Stream Plate Amp 2.1 portable sound system with Dayton Audio Epique subwoofer and passive radiators

My first project using the great plate amp

Love the plate amp - makes it easy to get a clean and professional setup.
My first project sounds great, but the passive radiators I used hev problem to handle high volume.

Decided to start a new build (v2) where I replace the subfoofer and radiators with the 7" Dayton Audio Epique + 2 x Epique passive radiators (hope this is a ok combination)

I`ll keep the DD audio 5.25" speakers to handle mid/high frequencies.

And the great plate amp…

Have started working on the updated design - I`ll share images later


Playing with the v2 design (only one speaker at the moment)
I`m going to use the same speaker positions as in V1

The idea is something like walnut on top/bottom and balck leather on the front/sides…

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Something like this (not the correct speaker elements in the 3D model)

The led ring is a combined push button/RGB LED used for mode selection (Bluetooth, WiFi…) each mode have a different color (I`ll share more information about it later)

The Up2Stream Plate Amp 2.1 at the rear.

This amp is perfect for projects like this - a lot cleaner/more professional setup compared to my first build where I used the standard 2.1 module.

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The old passive radiator used in v1 vs the new one for v2


First test installed in V1 (not tuned…)

Have to find some better test music

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Hope your neighbors enjoy :sunglasses:. Don’t forget to provide some details on the LED ring you mentioned.

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In my V1 project I used a RGB led ring push button - different colors = different modes (bluetooth, usb…)

But in V2 I plan to use a NeoPixel led ring push button in combination with a arduino to get more colors/more options… (winter project)

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I promised to share how I connected the RGB mode select push button in V1

Made a simple wireing diagram

Made a short demo video

Solid Green = WiFi connected
Blinking BLUE = Bluetooth not connected
If I connect using USB, I get solid Red

Used the connector at the mid top (same as on the standard Amp 2.1

You can add other buttons for Vol +/- … by including more push button/resistor combinations.

For V2 I plan to test a setup where I use a neopixel based bush button in combination wit an Arduino to cover all modes…
It is also possible to include a small OLED display that can display the mode using text


In V2 I`ll include control buttons (previous, next, pause/play and vol up/down)

I`m going to use an PS-BC12113 BCPB4 Battery Manager Module 5x26650 for my V2 build

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Some parts for my new neopixel led ring button for mode select/status arrived today - soon I’ll have all the parts I need to test my idea :blush:


I`m going to order some walnut wood for my V2 build
Love the look

First test - Neopixel led ring mode select button

In this test I use 4 buttons to simulate 4 modes (bluetooth, Wi-Fi …)

The colors are only for test - I can use other colors)

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Some design updates - while waiting for the Walnut wood…

Plan to install braces like this

Not decided if I should make a dedicated chamber for the Arylic Plate Amp + battery module

The prize from the contest arrived today, together with an extra surprise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello I love the boom box. It looks great. I also have the Dayton LBB – 5V2 battery pack that I’m trying to hook up to the up2stresm 2.1 plate amp. How do you hook those two together? Thanks, Kerry

I have recently received my Up2Stream 2.1 plate amplifier and plan to use a led illuminated push button like you in my project. I can’t find a cable connector that fits. What is that type, and where can it be bought?
// Per

I just purchased some on eBay, search for Small 8mm 10mm Metal Push Button Switch 4pin LED Latching Momentary