Up2Stream Amp birch plywood boombox

Hi! This is my first version of the boombox implementation based on Up2Stream Amp.
I wanted to make a “portable” system. But in the end, the weight of the finished system is about 17 kg. Not very portable :sweat_smile:
Overall dimensions - 700 * 280 * 280 mm

The design is based on Up2Stream Amp, Volume Knob Board and Button Board, all speakers and filters from GHXAMP.

The body is made of 20mm birch plywood. Outside, the body is covered with ash veneer. The front panel is made of solid ash.

Mid-range 4’’ and 1’’ tweeters are isolated in separate closed cavities. The rest of the volume is left for 4 inch woofers.
The left and right channels are internally separated from each other by a partition.

Thanks to the decoder and the button panel, the system can be controlled not only through the remote control or telephone.
Now I would like to add a display. Maybe i will add it later.
All audio inputs and outputs from the board brought to the back side.
The sound is very deep and clear. In my opinion this system sounds even better than my old Heco victa 500 + HK3490!


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Very nice project!
Where did you find the button covers?
Thank you

Thank you! I used 7×15mm with round hole diameter 3.2mm like this -

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