4 zone Up2Stream Amp home audio build


Just wanted to share my build of 4 Up2 Stream Amps stacked using spacers and the plastic it was delivered in :recycle:

There are 2 versions of the amp v2 and v3 i think so i had to get inventive and thought the recycling of the plastic case was a good option.

They are all powered by a Meanwell CV (LED) driver which can deliver ~15A@24V (360W) of power. Ive never tested it out turned up to 12, but the cooling system for the meanwell never activates during normal use so its massively over specified i think.

Each Up 2 Stream Amp drives a pair of 6.5" ceiling speakers. These are in fire regulation compliant RCF enclosures (im in UK and fire regs are very strict), but i swapped the actual drivers for better ones. In my bedroom i have a feed from the U2S that i intend to build a sub woofer for, just for a fuller sound.

In my house you can walk from room to room and have the same radio station playing, or send messages using voice recorder to my kids - love that! Kids can stream whatever they want through their ceilings and i can relax to some slipknot in the bath.

We live in a world where anything is possible, i even managed to build a home audio system like sonos, for a fraction of the price using Arylic.



I was thinking of building something similar for my house, but i was wondering about your choice of amp and how you got round the fire regulations in the UK with ceiling speakers? Do you get any hiss when the system is idle?

Big hugs

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