Amazing Wall-Hanging Super Flat Layout for Multi-Room Setup Using Up2Stream Amps and Up2Stream Pros?

Update to this thread. I made a Youtube video of the whole process and final awesome result.

Does anyone have CAD files for the Up2Stream Amp V4, Up2Stream Pro V3, and Up2Stream Mini V3?

I’m designing a whole home audio system with about 14 Arylic boards and could really use the CAD files. Here’s the start of the design with a bunch of power supplies, an ethernet switch, and a DIN rail for hanging on the wall behind a cabinet.

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Made a little bit of progress mocking up an Amp board. Used the image off the site and stuck in some simple components to get an idea of height, but sure could use a real CAD file.

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Marking with #arylic4th

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DIN Rails now created for the Arylic Amp board and Pro board.

2 DIN Rails. One at top. One in the middle. The middle rail hangs from the power supplies.

For the Amp board

For the Pro board

16 port D-Link ethernet hub so don’t have WiFi contention during whole house audio playback.

The 2 Pro’s have an Aiyima A07 amplifier for higher wattage output to the back yard speakers.

Created GrabCad files the Fusion 360 CAD designs for the Pro and Amp boards.

Arylic Up2Stream Pro V3 | 3D CAD Model Library | GrabCAD

Arylic Up2Stream Amp V4 | 3D CAD Model Library | GrabCAD


The DIN Rail 3D printed parts for the Up2Stream Amp board.

Printed in ABS on my Voron, these are 8mm wide. They snap onto the DIN Rail very strongly. ABS will hold up over time. PLA won’t as PLA will stretch/sag. These DIN Rail snaps take advantage of the bendability of ABS. I got the idea from the Voron printer design rails.

M3 hex screws 8mm long mount the board to the rail.

Here are a few amp boards mounted.

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These are the mounts for the Pro board.

Zoomed in view of DIN Rail mount. Snaps on nicely. Holds very strong.

Mounts with 2 M3 8mm length hex screws.

2 boards completed.

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Here are the power supplies, ethernet switch, 2 Pro boards, and 4 Amp boards mounted to the DIN Rails. This will hang from the wall from the top DIN Rail, with everything else being hung off the main top rail.


If anybody wants to 3D print the DIN Rails for this project, you can grab the Fusion 360 file and print out any or all of them.


Almost done. Still missing some boards, but the ones I have are working great. (Another setup will go in the attic for the powerful speakers in the back yard.)

Here’s all the rooms joined together into multi-room. It’s amazing to hear and see it working for the first time.

With bookshelf put back in place.

The final layout is so flat that the bookshelf backs up to the wall and you barely notice there’s a massive electronics rig behind it.


This is one grrrrrreat project. A lot of thought, time and finance into it. Result is awesome.

duuude. that is awesome!

Thanks. It’s working great. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to integrate it into Home Assistant so when the doorbell rings, it plays something on the back patio speakers so if we’re outside, we know. I’m also trying to figure out if Home Assistant can do the join/unjoin like the 4Stream app can.

Very nice setup indeed!
I’m also interested in a Homeassistant Integration to do a multi room doorbell and announcements in the whole house. Let us know if you’re making progress with it.

Awesome project - really got the gears turning.

What are you powering in the backyard for speakers?

The backyard has two zones. One of them is here from previous owner, which are those old Bose green cylinder speakers that can handle 50w continuous each. The second zone are the Klipsch outdoor rock speakers

See the thread where I post about that setup. Using GPIO1 to Turn On Amps & Power Supplies, Turn Off When No Music

Close up view of final product.

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I just posted an update at the top for a video I assembled of all the steps and final result.

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You’ve lived with this design for a few months now. Any changes you’d like to make? Any disappointments or pleasant surprises? I’m considering a similar project for a centralized whole-home system that will keep all components rack-mounted and Ethernet connected. In my case, I’ll have 5-7 rooms/zones. I’m still questioning whether to use Up2Stream Pros and separate amps, or if I can have some zones in the smaller rooms use A50+ units.