2.1 Soundbar with Visaton Speaker

my name is Oliver and this is my first project with Up2Stream Amp 2.1. I made it for over 1 year ago.
Sorry for my Englisch it is very terrible, this is not my first language :sweat:

The chassis is made of 21 mm thick beech-Multiplex.
The speakers it from a German HiFi Manufacturer.

  • 2x Visaton W 130 X - 2 x 4 Ohm 5" Woofer
  • 2x Visaton DTW 72 - 8 Ohm 0,6" Tweeter
  • 2x Visaton W 100 S - 4 Ohm 4" Midrange driver

The Power Supply is a DIY kit with 2x 100W High-End linear regulator and i combine a 300W toroidal transformer for a very nois cenceling voltage.

And here the images of the process:

Power Supply

Testing the Power Supply


Construction plan from the two-way speaker and the Subwoofer

The Speaker Cover is mountet with magnets, i have build it invisible in the Front plate.
The sound is very nice and extremly deep Bass with the two small W 130 X. It’s magic :joy:
Thanks for watching my DIY project.


Here are more pictures of the speaker.


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Okay here is two Videos of the Speaker Performance.
The very long stroke of the two woofers is enormous for a 5" chassis.

Speaker Performance

Woofer Performance