Noob questions - Plate amp 2.1 kitchen speaker

I’m a total noob at building speakers, and I’m planning to build something inspired by the look of the Audio Pro C3 using the Arylic 2.1 plate amp.

I’ve been looking at the Toids Audio Dinas plans for technical inspiration.

The speaker will sit in our kitchen and be used for casually streaming music for the most part. It’s replacing an amp with bookshelf speakers and subwoofer.

I have a couple of questions:

  • Do I need to include crossovers in the design or can I just wire each speaker to the board? I think I read that you can design software crossovers within the amp?.
  • Can you recommend any good examples of a similar project - ideally one with rechargeable batteries
  • I’m planning to use a laptop power supply - will that be ‘clean’ enough?
  • I’m not currently planning to include any buttons in addition to what’s on the plate amp already - does that sound sensible?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice!

Hi Henry,
There have been quite a few similar builds posted on this forum, one of these might assist you and maybe give you some inspiration.


Thank you Steve - I hadn’t seen all of those!

No worries :+1: