Boombox Build with the new Up2Stream Plate Amplifier

So, I wanted to build a contemporary looking boombox for my own home and due to my lack of ability to do various wiring etc, I opted for the New ARYLIC Up2Stream plate amplifier for the project.

A rough sketch and the rest was done on the fly!

Made out of MDF (including the Kerfed sides) and with Dayton audios PS95-8 Full range drivers and the DSA135-8 Woofer.

Weighing in just short of 10kg its a bit of a monster but, I am really happy with the sound and control with the 4stream app.

Link to the build here (no sound test Iā€™m afraid) DIY Boombox. Build your own music streaming WIFI / Bluetooth Boombox with the Arylic Up2Stream Amp - YouTube

And some photos here of the finished project.


Hi Paul, thanks for this! Beautiful build!
Really skilled handiwork!

Have you thought about a battery powered option? Wondering if the Plateamp would take it ā€¦

Hi Foxda77.

Plate amp handle upto 12- 24v so, I reckon you could do a battery option. Only problem is it over 9kg already so would be a bit of a beast to carry around!!! (must admit I had thought about doing one but my ability with electronics is very minimal!!)