My Up2Stream Plate Ammp 2.1 "BoomBox" project

Started planning a new BoomBox inspired by the JBL L75ms

I plan to use:

I have a Arylic Audio 2.1 amplifier (2x50W 4ohm + 1 x 100W 2 ohm), but would love using the new 2.1 plate amp in this project to get a clean build

1 x DD Audio 506d D4 subwoofer

2 x DD Audio EX5.25

2 x Dayton Audio 6.5 Passive radiators

Dayton Audio LBB-5v2 5 x 26650 battery module

The DD Audio elements in the front and radiators on the sides

Design still in progress

Cabinet in 18mm Oak

I know it is going to be heavy, but I do not plan to move this around a lot - focus on sound quality and design


Decided to go “all in” with this projet, and ordered the new 2.1 plate amp today to get a clean/pro setup

Very nice design :+1:. I’m curious about the final result. And I can assure you: this boombox will be heavy :wink:. My smaller boombox (40x25x18cm, made of 15mm plywood) weighs about 9kg.

I think it’s a good idea to use the 2.1 plate amp instead of the standard 2.1 amp. You will have plenty of space on the back side for it and will not need to worry about where to place the controls and connectors. This is always a headache when using the 2.1 amp. However, I would try to place at least the status LED and the IR receiver in the front panel (maybe somewhat hidden) and use the remote control that Arylic offers or the smartphone to control the boombox.

Since I have a 2.1 plate amp lying around in search for a project, I might steal your design when you’re finished :thinking:.

Have a nice weekend.

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I do not plan to move this around a lot, so weight is not a problem :slight_smile:
In this project I focus on design + sound qulity - I have tested my 2.1 amp in combination with the DD elements and it sounds great.

Ill share my design files when im done if anyone is interested

I have the remote… so I`ll try to add them

Anyone have the 2.1 plate amp as a 3d model (step) file? or the measurments for the plate with screw holes?

The plate dimensions are 134x149mm (HxW). The three horizontal screw holes (on top and bottom of the plate) have a distance of 69mm (center-to-center), the three vertical screw holes (on left and right side of the plate) have a distance of 61mm (center-to-center). All measurements done by hand. Hope this helps.

Regards, Sven

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Did add some more details - “logo” front left + mode leds front right + 2.1 plate amp rear

I may make the rear black - the same as the front?

Would love a button cap/plate kit for the ADC-KEY Board

  • for the DIY focused product there should be detailed dimesion drawings or 3D models

Just a small tip: There are people that used one RGB LED instead of four individual mode LEDs. Could result in an even cleaner design with only one hole needed. Searching for ‘RGB’ in this forum will lead to the respective projects.

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Was searching for it :slight_smile:

Did find this one: JQ Sabers | Jedi Quartermaster » 16mm RGB Momentary Switch BLACK

Using this I coud get the mode button and status led in one - but do not know if I can cover 4 modes using this (if not one mode = led off)

I`ll search the forum for other alternatives

Did order one - using this I get a combined mode selection button /RGB LED ring

My plans for the innside - should I make an isolated section for the amp? Or coud that create a heat problem?

Do you have the cutout dimensions for the plate amp?

You’re right, with a classic RGB LED without any additional logic you can only display three modes (+ LED off). So you could either build an additional logic for white (= WLAN) that activates all three colors (that should result in something “whiteish”) or you use an RGBW LED (with an additional pin for white). For example, see this thread:

The minimum cutout dimensions are 109x126mm (HxW). I would add at least 1-2mm for tolerances.

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Nice rendering :+1:. I do not see any benefit from using an isolated section. To the contrary, you may run into heat problems and take away some of the internal volume needed for the bass. In my boombox, I did not use an isolated section and did not notice any problems yet. However, I secured any internal connectors with hot glue. I even have some relays in my boombox and was worried at first regarding interferences with the bass at high volumes. However, did not have any problems yet.

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Some progress while waiting for the 2.1 plate amp

Ah, the legendary Bosch PWB600 work bench. Also my favored boombox building device :wink:.

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Some progress :blush: next, installing the plate amp…


The sound is great, but the passive radiators can’t handle the air pressure at high volume

Waiting for 2 x Epique E180HE-PR 7" Carbon Fiber Cone Passive Radiator

I think these is a better combination with the subwoofer

Love the plate amp - makes builds like this clean and professional

I consider make a V2 when I get the new passive radiators - to tune my design