[black/red] with 2.1amp inside

Hello all,

first of all, I wanted to thank you for your feedback about The Black Matter, so thanks :grinning:

ok, now to the business…

For this project I took 16mm MDF and made a box (what a surprise:) 49,5x323,5x22cm. Those two full range Dayton speakers got 1,4l enclosure each, the bad boy Tang Band got his own private 2,8l room as well, Dayton tweeters will share the room with 2.1amp, power supply that brings 24v 8a to the amplifier, some cables, actually with a lot of cables, then 2 crossovers and other stuff…
Right, the box

This time I painted the inside black. It looks more clear, well I think so :sweat_smile:
So lets put things together. And this how it looks.

For the subwoofer and the crossovers I took 2,5mm² cooper cable, the rest of the speakers got 1,5mm². The box got a USB AUX 3.5mm Jack Adapter on the left side and in the back USB 2.0 Micro-B for ACPWorkbench connection and a Gigabit Lan RJ45 socket. Oh, right the Rocker Switch Power Socket Inlet Module Plug, I almost forgot it,rocker switch. Hahaha it really called rocker switch? lol funny
The front

I decided don’t use button board in this project, instead control it with remote controller, that’s why I needed to build custom led and IR board. After lots of attempts with my small CNC china machine i got this little thing born.

Sooooo, that’s pretty it, up to the lack spray chamber to dress up the box with the RAL3007 (dress or suit, you know hat I mean).

That i’m not allowed to prime and paint my own work (that what my best painter says to me - get lost, you making just worse) I made front cover. For that I used a 12mm MDF and PA-Type Speaker Cloth called Black - Wine (723).

Fast look in to the painters kingdom, it took 3 weeks till i got it painted, three weeks, three long weeks. Ok, I can’t complaint, he does it for free :sunglasses:

As I took it finished, after work, it didn’t took an hour to put missing peaces together, was so exited… I don’t test how it sounds before I get it all finished. Its kinda more thrilling. But if the math was good done by measuring, so there are no problems at the end.
Well… let me to introduce you


What can I say, it spreads sound of music. Totally satisfied with the result, sad that the color does not look on pics how in real (but it’s not photoshopped :nerd_face: ). There is to work with ACPWorkbench, but with The Black Matter presets it’s sounds good.

Thanks for your time
May the Sound be with you :notes:


Beautiful Job Ray. Looks awesome. Great Design, panel work and wiring :ok_hand: Reckon you can make more of these custom built IR & LED boards ? Reckon you can upgrade to IP66 too ? This was my solution but I now have 2 more orders for the Nobby Box :slight_smile:


Thank’s for your feedback. Only thing what comes to my head to make IR&LED board IP66 is to ‘‘sink’’ it in to epoxy resin, and make board smaller with more compact electronic plate paths. Everything is possible.

Very nice build, Ray :+1:.

For my boombox, I also created my own front panel for IR and LEDs. Different to yours, I used another form factor of the IR receiver. Mine looks like a 5mm LED and fits into a standard LED housing, making the design of the panel much easier. Unfortunately, I was not aware of RGB LEDs when I designed my panel so that I had to use individual LEDs for the different input sources.