Using Up2Stream Stereo AMP with 12V Battery

Hi guys,

Has anyone used the Up2Stream Stereo AMP with a 12V battery (Say in a portable build)?

If so, what was it like, and what’s the power output for the speakers?

Thanks in advance.


I have in the past powered a class D amplifier with a SLA (sealed lead acid) battery with no issues. From memory I think that it was fully charged at around 13 volts and was usable for around 4-5 hours.
I did have a battery monitor connected so as to not discharge the battery too far.
I don’t think you would have any issues using a car battery.
Battery use has no effect on the output power of the amplifier, it’s pure DC after all - no power supply noise!

Hi Steve, that’s great news!, What about using a couple of 18650 batteries to supply load of 12V?

For my build of a boombox with Up2Stream Amp 2.1 I used a battery board from Dayton Audio for 5x 18650 batteries (providing battery balance/protection and charge indicator). Fully loaded, it provides about 20,5V that falls to about 15-16V when discharging. Im quite happy with this solution. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any representative runtime statistics since it would be highly dependent on the volume used and I also do not use the boombox that often.

Regarding 12V battery: Intuitively, I would assume that the voltage is a bit too low to produce a reasonable output. Especially, if 12V is the voltage when fully loaded and it can even drop below that when discharging. Remember that power calculates as voltage^2 / resistance so that a linear increase of voltage will result in a disproportionally higher power output. Personally, I would not go below 16-18V.

Regards, Sven

Hi Thirsty,

I also use 18650 with my ammo box. I charge it with a 24v power supply from arylic. The charge last at least 8 hours.