up2stream pro v3 and spdif IN board help

Hi, can somebody help in make these 2 boards work together ?

I connected them via 7 pin flat cable coming with spdif IN board, but it does not work.
I used 4stream android app, but there is no “spdif input” to choose.

Reading the up2stream board manual it seems the 7 pin connector has only output, so there is a little bit of confusion/incongruences in the manuals themselves…

Any help is appriciated.

Hi swanawood,
The board default set to S/PDIF output, you will need the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool ($20 to purchase) to swap it to S/PDIF in.
No other way unfortunately :frowning:

ok , I bought it.
Still not able to understand…
The spdif checkmark is on the “TX” and I am not able to put it to “RX”.

any guidance please ?

Start by watching a tutorial: ACPWorkbench Audio Effect Tool Step by Step Tutorial - YouTube
SPDIF change is around 12:28

ok, I got it enabled.
But now after all these resets from APCW and app my unit is not able to link to home wifi network anymore… (but I am able to connect my phone directly to it via wifi)
I followed all the troubleshooting steps here without success…

I unistalled app and reinstalled from my phone and now it is connecting…
Let’s go now to my main problem stream again: spdif…