Question about non-Arylic product

Hey, I know this isn’t an Arylic product. But I think it actually is, in it’s heart. The product can be seen here:
Dayton Audio WF60PA

I know alot of this stuff is white-label and just repackaged. This one appears to be a slightly older specification (BT 4.0) but it does have AptX.

What would happen if I tried to flash it to the latest Arylic firmware?

EDIT: OK I just caught up, this one contains an older linkplay a28 board VS the newer a31 that arylic uses. Probably not worth replacing the board.

This is not Arylic products, I’m not sure what will happen when you upgrade with our firmware.

I have upgraded my A28 with the new firmware and it works great


I have an August WR320 → Portable TV, Portable Freeview Digital TV, Handheld TV, Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Receiver, Bluetooth DAB Radio, Clock Radio, TV Aerial
This is working with a linkplay a31 chip, but they don’t support firware update.

Since the last updates from my Arylic product, I cannot link the devices together. Is there a way for me to update the firmware? I tried with the updater, but got the same error as this user → Beta Firmware And Beta App Test Invitation - #55 by W00dwp

Is there a way for me to upgrade the firmware?

Thank you

Please check the project name with HTTPAPI, http://device_ip/httpapi.asp?command=getStatusEx, and find out the project field, I can make a private link for you to upgrade the A31 module only. But you upgrade it on your own risk :slight_smile:

The project says Lanzi_4566.

But you upgrade it on your own risk :slight_smile:

BTW, I cannot use it with my other devices in that state :wink:
Thank you

I’ve prepared a redirection link to upgrade the WIFI module, it’s now will recognize Lanzi_4566. Note again, do this on your own risk.

http://device_ip/httpapi.asp?command=SetUpdateServer: remember to replace the devcie_ip to real IP of device.


Hi Frank! Can you prepared redirectional link for my device? My project name is “august”. I’ll be grateful, thank you.

have added

I have a few of the Muzo cobblestone also using the A31 chip. Project is “a31imuzobox” Could you create a link for that project also.

Thank you

The a31imuzobox is somewhat different, it’s working in master mode and is different from the firmware we’re currently using on Arylic devices. I’ll check and see if could get an update.

what is the link for me?

I would be interested in firmware for the Muzo Cobblestone, too. I have two of them; both project “a31imuzobox”. Thank you in advance.

Hello Frank! “MY project”: “Lumi_WSP-6_A31” Could you create a link for that project also. Thanks.

hah! Sorry for starting all this new work for you Frank. But this is wonderful to see a company be flexible like this +++++

Also “KE_W001” project :slight_smile:

have added, please try with the redirecting API

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Thank you very much, i installed now and it’s working great :+1:

hi, project": “Lanzi_4566” not work.

Can you activate?


Can you send me the out of httpapi.asp?command=getStatusEx