Problem with ADC-KEY Board (with Mini V)

I am using a ADC-KEY Board with a MiniV3.
The white LED for WiFi on the ADC-KEY Board is on. When I press one of the buttons, nothing happens. An IR receiver conntected to the ADC-KEY Board does also not work (IR receiver of the Mini V itself works).

Any help appreciated.

Hi Lora, please double check the PINs, seems the wire has wrong direction.

Thanks for the hint - you are right. The cables that Arylic provided with the board do not work. Looks like they have been assembled wrong.

Thanks again for your help!

After 2 weeks I received a replacement cable from Arylic - unfortunately the new cable has also been assembled faulty.

Looks like they should choose a different company for their cables …

It’s not easy for all sales person to handle the technical issue, and even harder for this kind of issue, the wrong orientation with same number wires, many will not notice the difference… Anyway, since we’re enjoying the DIY, you can pick out the headers of wires from the plastic house, and then plugin in sequency :slight_smile: