Up2Stream AMP v4, non-functional button board

I have an Up2Stream AMP v4. I have good sound from WiFI, LineIn, and Bluetooth, can control just fine via USB from ACPWorkbench. Except, I plug in my button board, and the only thing that works is the LEDs. None of the other buttons have any effect, in any mode.

This sounds similar to what was reported in (Problem with ADC-KEY Board (with Mini V)). But there they mention badly wired connector cables, without mentioning how to tell. I am using the 13-pin connector, to plug 18 on board (as named on AMP v4 manual)

I’m not sure but I think for this board it should be the 11-pin connector cable. It’s written on the back of the button board. Try different place on the interface, you have a description of every pin here: description
Do some testing and let us know!


Thanks for the reply. Actually, at the top of the second page of the document, it specifically labels the 13-pin as the Button Board connector. And there is no 11-pin connector on the amp board. The back of the button board labels the 13-pin as the “Up2stream Amp 2.0 v3”, and there is no label for v4 specifically.

I would like to pin-match the amp and button board, but while as you point out, the pinout for the amp is published I can find no pinout info for the button board. Any suggestions as to where i could find that?

Hi @D_J_P about your issues, could you send another picture of the back of both of the button board and Up2stream Amp V4?

Sure, here you go …

I am happy to report that yesterday, after two cycles of resetting to factory settings, that the button board is now working correctly. I am unclear as to exactly why this had the positive effect, but am happy that it did

Hi D_J_P!

Glad that you found the solution and that you reported here to help others!
Enjoy your board :wink: