Trouble using ADC key for presets

I am using an Up2Stream Pro v.3 and love it. I have been trying to set some push-button controls so I can use it without having my phone on me. I followed the wiring diagram in the instructions and was able to get the “Mode” button to work just fine. That is a good start, but I also want buttons for preset wifi content. I have the presets set in the app, but the buttons don’t seem to do anything when wired using the ADC diagram. I am doing this on a breadboard for now to experiment so any advice would be appreciated.

Is there something I need to do for the presets besides just wiring? Is it possible that the resistor values are off?

Hello, welcome to the forum, take a look at these articles here:

please ignore the internal 10k resistor, then the preset buttons will also be correct…good luck joerg