New 4stream App and Firmware Upgrade 4.6.328252

New Features
1.When the device is connected to mobile hotspot, 4stream APP can control normally.
2.Support USB DAC mode in 4stream APP.
3.New version of APP, interface optimization, multi-room management optimization.
(You can refer to Beta firmware test for the new 4stream App interface optimization.)
5.The preset button of the remote control and ADC- KEY can preset different EQ settings on ACPWorkbench.
-When save your audio effect, write the number 1-6(ADC-KEY is 1-4) you want that correspond to your remote control/ADC-KEY preset:

6.Web management page, support setting static IP. The password is “admin”

Bug Fixed:
1.Fixed after reset Up2stream Amp V4 then connected to ethernet, playback no sound.
(Up2streamAmp v4)
2.Fixed after two devices group a multi-room then power off and then power on, no recovery of the previous combination.
3.Fixed after switch to standby mode by remote, the ADC-key board’s standby key can’t wake up the device.
4.Fixed After auto shutdown on 4stream APP, can not be turned on.

1.Alarm clock function optimization, support setting play time length.
2.Enter WlFl pairing mode when the device is not connected to the network.
-Unpaired WlFl, automatically enter WIFl pairing mode after power on.
-WIFI Paired, not successfully connected after power on, will automatically enter the WlFI pairingmode after 30 seconds
-WIFl Paired, connected successfully after power on, if the connection is disconnected, will notenter the WIFl pairing mode.
3.The WIFl pairing button feature will only trigger pair WIFl again in WlFl mode.
4.Turn off BLE network pairing after Ethernet connection.

Due to the system need time to release the OTA for update, so some models haven’t been pushed yet. Even you updated with the beta firmware will get the update notification, don’t worry. We estimated to release all in this week.
And if you want to update manual, you can check here.

Feel free to share your comments with the new app and firmware below :wink:


Joy and Frank are doing an amazing job!
Are you going to upload the file here?
After beta update the default update server is
and there is nothing new there…

thank you…!

Dear Joy, thank you…!!!

I’ve downloaded new 4Stream app from Google Play Store.

I’ts very nice …!!! beautiful icons, fast rename option and useful bottom buttons to change
Input ( Wi-Fi - BT- IN 1 e 2 ).

I’ve a S50 Pro with last Beta Test Firmware (updated with PC app). 97xx… hope it’s Ok.

By the way , It’s possibile allow equalization by an exernal Equalizer ( I use Poweramp Equalizer) that Is more detailed than simple bass & treble in app…?

Congrats to all Arylic Team.

Saluti from Verona -Italy

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Great work. Already tested it. Now all input chanels, included DAC Access, can be accessed.
Still missing: Shutdown button, but should not be a great deal…

So does the updated app allow for independent eq of each device in a group? It seems like it is supposed to function like that. I set eq levels for three different devices and it seemed like it remembered it for awhile. The. When I was using the eq later it changed the eq in all devices in the group to whatever device eq I was currently using. Now it seems to be working independently again. How is it intended to perform?

Yep, can confirm. No new firmware offered if device is on Beta (4.6.9724.26). Also, It appears that there is no App upgrade offer if you have beta App installed. You must uninstall the Beta App as well. Then reinstall.


Where can I download the NEW app? It’s NOT in the google play store for me…

if you look, you can see the date of Aug 25 for Play Store version. It doesn’t seem to offer for a standard upgrade if you have the Beta installed. Uninstall the beta, then install the current Aug 25 version from the store.

yes…you are correct! When I first checked - it still was saying that the recent update was 3/25/21…

Either way - looking forward to try the new multi-room setup. The old one was wonky.

Thanks for the new version champions!
Can you confirm if the presets can be changed with the ADC keys “num 1 to 4”, on the amp 2.1, or only with the remote control, as I don’t have a remote control …

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Okay thanks i’m in!

To access Web interface from a Web browser we need password?

Hi. And how to flash this firmware if the beta version 4.6.9724.26 is already installed? how to uninstall the beta version and return to the old original firmware?


Hey Joy! This is awesome to know and awesome to know that you all are continuously working on things to make them better for us!
I wanted to ask something…
Is there a way to make the program landscape when a tablet or phone is turned sideways into landscape mode? This is especially useful and kind of needed for the car audio environment that we have talked about. Me, and others in my test team, would love this feature to be added or available if possible.
Thank you and I’m also sending you an email so please look for it in the next few minutes!
Thank you for everything!

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Please which password is for the web interface?

Probably “admin” :wink:

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Great. Thx

how to return to the official firmware ??? I now have a beta firmware that is not updated. How can I get from the beta firmware to the official one? how to install 4.6.328252 if devices already have beta-ver: 4.6.9724.26 ???

I have 4 devices A50, AMP-2.1, Up2stream Pro V3. I wanted to buy a few more A50 +. But for a long time I can return it to the beta firmware on the official one ??? How can I get back to the official firmware ??? I now have a beta firmware that is not updated. How can I get from the beta firmware to the official one? how to install 4.6.328252 if devices already have 4.6.9724.26 ??? Until I return my devices to official firmware, I will not buy your new devices. Please help with this question !!!

Compared with older versions, i noticed that it takes too much time (1 min & 34 sec) to go from power off state to “Connecting to your Wi-Fi network” announcement.
Does any other friend have the kindness to count this time on his own device with this new firmware?