LCD Display 2ic

Hello there !

I’m new here, sorry for my ignorance :sweat_smile:

I have an Arylic amp v4 and I want to use the 2ic port for display.

As the documentation says,

What kind of display should I use ? ( I tested a LCD 2x14 and it’s not working )

And what other alternatives do I have to show also the album cover or simply the Spotify or other streaming logo ?

Thank you very much in advance.


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I think you need smth in beetween to read the data (like arduino maybe) and send it to your display. Id lke to know how this is working as well


@simojaouad @fi3ur

I think it would be better to like Janosch suggests to do something Arduino or RPI Based.

Check out these posts

Hope this helps, Kevin

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Hi, these 2 PINs is reserved as I2C host to drive the external display panel, but it can’t support any panel, we’ve just supported one which is used on model S50, and did not sell it standalone yet.

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Hello Guys !

Thank you for your answers !

I learned about UART commands of Arylic’s boards, and I was able to develop an external screen ( LCD 20x4 ) based on the ESP32 Microcontroller using its serial ports, it works pretty well but needs a some improvements.

I will share the project later, and also the source code ( Arduino bootloader ) with explanations.

Stay tuned !

Thank you very much for your assistant !


Yes that’s what I did and it worked pretty good, I will post the project and the source code later.
Thanks !

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Hi @simojaouad Mohammed

Looking forward to seeing the end result. :+1: No pressure :joy:

Here is another ESP32 related project on the forum fyi

Good luck, Kevin

Hi all,

Here’s the video link of the project.

As I already said, the code I made has some improvements to make but basically the main idea is here :smiley:


Waw! It’s awesome!!
I’ll gonna check your source code when you post it!
Good job!

That’s an amazing job! I am really looking forward for the documentation and the code because I am planning to bring my old Internetradio back to life with an up2stream board. A display would be really nice.

This is exactly what i want to be able to do! Potentiometer for volume, buttons for play pause ffwd rev mute, and a display to tell what’s going on… synchronized to the music on the other side of the house.

Please post your code repo :sweat_smile::pray: