How to stream analog audio multi room/multi zone


I have a multi room audio system in place that I am thinking about replacing:

  • It is old, just accepts analog audio and 2 of the 4 in wall amplifiers have died and the company that used to make them just shut down.

So I have been thinking about using the arylic DYI boards inside the wall and just need to figure out how to insert the power suply in the small space I have there. I wouldn´t like to put the devices in the ceiling yet since I don´t know how stable the setup will be. Are there any small sized power supplies for the stereo board?

Well, my main doubt is: I need to be able to stream analog audio as well to all rooms (TVs mainly).
I saw that the boards have line audio inputs but I haven´t figured out if a line in from one board may be streamed to others and synchronized as multi room/multi zone as a regular stream. Can it be done?
If not, are there boards to turn analog audio into streamed audio that could be played by all zones synchronized?

Thanks for your support,

Hi Gabriel,

consider you have 3 devices configured in multi room. There is only one that is master and the others are slave. The line-in from the master can be streamed to the slaves (and itself of course), but not from slave to master. When the line-in from one of the others is needed, you need to reconfig it in the app.
The audio is streamed over the network. So, you need to realize that when synchronized to all devices there will be a short delay in time.

The Mini V3 has no analog line-in. The other DIY boards do have one.

For your question about the power supply. We need know a littlebit more than just “a small space”.
Like, how much space and wiring.

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Hello j.eeken1, thanks for your fast reply!

On the line in topic:

  • If all connected by ethernet cable, what would be an average latency to broadcast synchronized to all 4 devices? Is there a delay in the master when playing alone as well?
  • Would the line in for the slaves work in the speakers connected to the slaves or only the line in from the master will work for all boards?
  • Device request: a board that received analog audio inputs, acts as a switcher and broadcasts to all boards! An audio switch to fully replace regular multi room audio devices would be amazing

Regarding power:

  • I´ve checked that the box that I wave in walls (regular 4x2) won´t support the board nor the power source.
  • In that sense I see I have 2 possible scenarios:
    • Bring all devices together and re cable speakers to a single point
      • In a scenario like this, would I be able to power the 4 boards using a regular 24v PoE switch using adapters from PoE to ethernet + power cable? Is the power enought?
    • Try to place them in the ceiling
      • Would I be able to power the boards using regular fluorecent light buld reactors (24v 50 - 100w)?

Last but not least, would I still be able to buy v3 amplifiers to be delivered in Brazil (don´t know why but I can´t buy from anywhere but China right now - covid?)

Thanks, Gabriel Simões

Considering the latency it depends on your network. in the manuals it says about 3 seconds. Ethernet or wifi makes not much of a difference. At my home, its about just one second (wifi). But still, if you are watching tv, it’s notable. When the device is not connected to the other devices (standalone), then there is no latency.

To make the line-in of the slaves to work, you have to remove the slave from the multiroom config or reconfig it as the master in the connection. All done by their 4stream app.

Your device request and question about where to buy: I can not tell you. I’m just a customer like you and just answering your questions.

About powering: The amplifier boards are all 24Volts and 100w would be enough, but the Pro V3 and the Mini V3 are 5Volts.
Some transformers for lights are just lowering the voltage. So be sure it’s converting it to DC voltage.

Hope I could help you.

Do I understand that right? I have a Raspberry Internet Radio connected to a up2stream V4
and use the V4 DAC for the Raspberry as sound card .
Can I stream the Music over the net to any other Network Arylic device?

It’s not really clear to me how you connected your devices.

Raspberry via USB to up2stream V4, it uses the DAC as Sound card and plays its sound via the Amplifier.
up2Stream via WLAN to the Local Net in my house.
The Raspberry uses the Amp to play Music via its DAC
And now, how to relay that stream to other Devices from Arylic?

You can pair the Up2stream amp V4 in the 4Stream app to your other Arylic devices to make a multiroom connection. Then you have the sound from the RPI on all.
Btw. you know that Up2stream supports internet radio? Even custom links. Do you have a paticular reason to use the RPI for internet radio?

Thank you for the Info. And yes, I know that that the Up2stream can basically do all of that stuff too, but its inconsistant in its user Interface and very complicated, and only accessible from your App.
The Music Player Deamon (mpd) on the Raspberry (the base for the Web Radio) is much more flexible in its configuration and Usage. It has clients on everything that has a processor, and those Clients (mpc - mp Control) are easy to use.
I added a 4 Wire I2C interfaced 4x20 LCD Display to the Raspi GPIO (could as well be a TFT, Touch Display, OLED-you name it) to Display Station Name, Song Name Played, Date-Time-Status, Ip Adress/Status of Server (of the Raspi that is) , mpd Status, even a Line (via a Menue Button) that displays RSS Messages from the Station (News weather, whatever). I put some Next/Previous Chanel , Vol up/Down , Mute, Menue, Shutdown Buttons, switch to Bluetooth(Send and Receive)/Shairport Service on the RasPi connected to the GPIO (6 Alltogether-Some (female) Members of my household are, ahem, not too fancy about electronics and Smartphones, they want Physical information/usage). I personaly would have favored an OLED Display/Touch Screen, but the female members prefered a bigger, better visible 4x20 LCD backlited. So it will be!
And we even programmed a Web Interface with Apache. that lets you control everything by builtin mpd features, even makes a Library (SQL Database;with automated artworks downoiad) of every Music Album it finds in the NAS Music Directory -and much much more.
Sorry, but with the only over the Smartphone usable 4Stream App - nocando.
And everything is done by a Raspberry Zero-That even works with Touch interface and desktop Version of Raspian to do all of the above-even though this is coming to the limits of the RPI Zero.
So what do I have? A Webradio, easily controled by various Platforms (Buttons, Display, Webinterface, MPC Clients) done by: Raspberry Zero WH, 6 Buttons, and a 4x20 LCD and an Up2stream amp V4 ! (Naturely Speakers also).
And without using a touchscreen, it works as well good on an old Raspi 2B - all using the DAC of the Up2Stream.
I know that the Operating System of the up2Stream must be a Linux Base, so it should not be hard to Integrate an configurable (ip, Port, User , PW) mpc Control.
That and VLC are the Base for 99% of all Music on Raspberry!
The Basis of all that Configuration was done by Bob Rathbone, not by me
I just extended it!

Okay, that’s a big list. I was just kurious. Seems to be a great setup. Extending it with Up2stream makes sense too.



As you see this is the Test-setup (still to go into a nice housing)
And its with an old Raspi 2B, will change to Raspberry Zero (much smaller)
Power for Raspi delivered by Up2Stream, Up2Stream DAC used by Raspi.
4x20 Display showing RSS feed from BBC, current played Radio Station.
And like I wrote-the RasPi can be controlled via buttons, web Interface, mpc client on PC/Smartphone, If needed an IR or Bluetooth Interface.
It is possible to configure speech for visually impaired and blind persons who cannot read the display. As channels are changed or stepping through the menu the radio will “speak” to you.(Béla Mucs from Hungary had the brilliant idea to support speech for visually impaired and blind persons. This facility uses the espeak package.)
And believe it or Nuts- the old RasPi works without breaks, hangings, squeeks or cracks.
You can understand why the possibilities of the App for the up2stream are totaly unsufficient for me.

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@gopher A very cool and creative setup you have there :slight_smile:

There is only one thing I don’t understand about the USB Interface.

OK I understand you are using the 5VDC from the USB Port on the AMP to Power the RPI.

Are you also saying that it is possible to stream the music from the RPI down this cable to the Arylic in USB Mode ?

If not which mode are you in in the AMP ? e.g. WIFI Mode.

Regards, Kevin

No, the Music is brought to the Acrylic via using its DAC. The second USB Cable from the RasPi is connected to the Micro USB of the Amp, and the RasPI is configured use the DAC of the AMP as the USB Soundcard. ANd that the accessible DAC has an Amplifier attached-neet! Why use another DAC if the Up2Stream has one that can be accessed and used?
The Up2Stream is in normal operating Mode, the LCD is - well a mixture of green/white
Its the same as if you connect the up2stream to a PC via USB Cable and then play Music-just here the PC is the RasPi.

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OK Thanks. Not used the the USB Interface before but I am certainly interested in giving it a go :+1:

Assuming that the up2stream is used by Pc user to play music via usb over that device and then distribute it to other Aryic devices, I assume it’s also possible with a RasPi

I have quickly tested the Multiroom via the USB Mode (Green Light). It doesn’t work.

My Architecture was

  • RPI4 with Buster
  • Audio file played by VLC to USB DAC UPStream AMP V4
  • AMPV4 Master for Multiroom
  • Multiroom Slaves 1 x MINI & 1 x PRO

Same Multiroom works fine in WIFI Mode (White Light).

I was my assumption that it would work too :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Kevin! I will try it myself, as soon as I get my second Arylic Device, but I expect no other outcome. But: My Up2Stream light is more white (white-ish; its the standard Switch-On mode). That should be the WiFi Mode (which is not Shown in the App)
Nevertheless its playing what comes from the Raspberry.
Here is what the Manual says (after that, its possible)

So it seems that my Device is in WiFi Mode, I wonder what the USB Mode is for?!
AHH-now I know! Its for playing sound from a memory Stick! (The big USB Port that is. The DAC is connected to the Raspberry via the MICRO Usb Port)!!
Try it over an PC (Via the Micro USB). If that detects a Sound Card, and the Up2Stream Plays the sound, then you should try Mutiroom with that stream. And if that works-it will work with Raspi too!

Will try that again with the Bluetooth Module on the radio, but then I need a DAC attached to the Raspberry (as you know the inbuilt sound is terrible). Okay, a simple HiFiBerry should do, and then the Up2Stream gets it Data over Bluetooth. That should work for Multiroom Bluetooth Mode.
And maybe the engineers from Arylic can do something about it, should not be too complicated to add the DAC Stream to Multiroom detachment.
So it will be the same if I connect a Windows PC over USB to the Amp, no Multiroom.
OR? The USB Mode is not the same as the DAC Mode! USB Mode is just for the Regular USB Port un the Amp, DAC Mode only via the Micro USB Port! And its not shown in the App. Also there seems to be a little confusion in the Mode Handling of the Amp (Mainly in the Switch back to other (not accessible )modes like DAC or AIrplay)

If you got a chance (or already know it) try if a Bluetooth Stream is Multiroom capable.

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I will try the Bluetooth multi room

In this case I assumed it wouldn’t work :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Kevin,
just want to let you know-I got a 2nd Arylic device today. (Arylic Up2stream Pro V3-a pre Amplifier its called) I must say that the App for configuring it is a terrible menace! Nothing there where it should be, the device was first not found until I changed the WiFi Access on my iPhone to the device,
It say in the app it has no Internet access, but nowhere I could find the Menue to ad the WiFi Password.
But even without being in the Internet, I managed Multiroom Play with the attached RasPi Webradio.
No Firmware Update is possible.
Adf 21:00 Managed to get into a firmware Update, and now after that succeeded, it runs better. But the App is terrible! Somehow everything seems to happen by fortune.
Well anyway, Firmware update of the new device somehow succeeded, now it has Internet connection (obiously), and everything that is boomed by the Raspi can be Distributed to it by Multiroom. Even with the Remote USB Connection Multiroom is possible:
That is: I connect by Virtualhere Software the RasPi USB Port to the Up2Stream DAC,
Connect my Windows PC to that remote Sound Card, and play whatever can play to a sound card to the Up2Beat, and it comes Multiroom to every Arylic device if I want.

@gopher Didi,

I have 2 PRO V3 devices (1 in UK & 1 in Spain). I have never had a problem but I purchased the PRO intentionally as it has a Hard Wired LAN port. I have never tried to configure or use on WLAN. From experience with other Arylic devices (mini & AMP) connecting purely using WLAN I have found the results a little bit hit and miss. Hopefully they will improve this operation in the future. There are some posts about this on the forum.

I can test and report in the next couple of days but I would suggest

  1. plug the PRO device into a Ethernet Cable
  2. Update Firmware
  3. Set Up Wireless Network on PRO Device
  4. Unplug and move to final location
  5. Power Up and :pray: