Firmware Upgrade 4.2.9326.26

There is also a little issue with the input name in the 4stream app. When selecting input USB it says ‘CD’. Something i mentioned Arylic earlier when the up2stream Pro V3 was introduced.

This issue is caused by the wrong voltage used on Up2Strem PRO V3… the VCC is supposed to be 3.3V, but it’s actually 3.6V. I’ll adjust in software side.
Btw, I don’t understand that ‘install the latest drivers’, and what issue happened?

the issue: i bought another new V3pro because the first boards i bought before the volume board came out. With the new board the volume board worked fine up and down, but 4stream app asked me to update so i did with version 24 i thought it was. Then i had the same issue again: so volume up and down =volume up. No down.

I have a set of speakers made for a client and she is reporting that after this update, with the new power button settings, the input can be switch with the power button and with the mode button, and this is a little bit messy have two buttons that do the same. Is there any option to change this settings or revert this? Power buton for power and mode button for input switching as it was previously.



Hi Joan,

We’ve add the functions to the only button on board as much function as possible, and it is simple enough for comman usage. I understand it brings inconvinience in your project, I’m sorry for that, but it’s not strong enough to make changes. And it’s complicated to make it configuable.

For new projects, since you’ve extended the mode button with ADC key, you can extend the standby key also. And hide the button on rear board. For the existing project, it might be not good to change the hardware, could you persuade the client to accept? It’s not big problem.

Ok, understand.
Only to clarify, now both buttons (power and mode) do exactly the same, or there are any diference?
I understant that power button now can switch between inputs, but you can power off with the mode button?

no, the MODE button only switch input modes, and the button on rear side of board, has multiple functions like POWER/MODE/RESET_WIFI.

Perfect, thanks.


Does this update apply to Up2Stream Amp V2? I’m not seeing the firmware update available in the app even after pressing on the firmware version.

The WIFI module on Up2Stream AMP V2 should be upgraded. But because it’s a different platform with V3/V4, so some features are not included.


Would you make those changes in user manual which comes with devices?



Is this available as HTTPAPI or only UART?

This is non-http API, you need to send the commands over TCP/UART/ACPWorkbench. I’ll prepare the API documents together for better reference.

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So I’m not sure if this is related to the new firmware update or something else is going on but I’ve never had any problems before and my 2.1 amp and subwoofer system are super glitchy now. It upgraded when I was out of town and now I’m having constant dropouts the app is slow and and the latency is terrible. Any ideas?

It would be nice to have a “Shutdown Button” to Power off the Amp remotely (Naturely with “Do you really want to shutdown?” Question

Idle and shutdown status seems to be nearly the same (exept a LED on the board emitting light while idle).
In both cases my Up2Stream 2.1 takes around 70mA current.
Just stop playback, wait 15 seconds and it falls asleep

I mean a real Shutdown, Power off and everything. At the Moment, even the Big USB Port is under Power when shutoff via Button (and my connected RasPi will not be Powered off)

There should be a difference. Some devices with the same chipset as Arylic (from other brands) do shut down everything completely including network connection. The only way to do anything after that is to go to the device and press physically the button to turn it on. Pretty bad…

This might have to do with waking the system up again.

If you want to play/stream music, the Arylic module needs a Wake-on-LAN signal. If the Arylic is not in stand-by/idle, such signal is not recognized, and it can’t start up. Also, for a user it means, it takes a while before the system has started again and is able to stream music.

Of course, technically it is possible to use a remote and shut off completely, but I think Arylic made a choice to have Wake-on-LAN possible at all times.

I work a lot with active speakers that have internal amplifiers. With those I have a separated power supply for the amplifier and for the Arylic module (Mini). This means the Arylic is always on, and the amplifier can switch to stand-by. When the Arylic module starts streaming, the amplifier will wake up form idle.
From the user perspective this means that power usage as quite low, and start of music streaming is always within a second.


For a reliable “power cycle off/on” you could use a relay module


There are plenty of Interface Choices too.

  • Wifi
  • RF 433 MHz
  • Hard wired to RPI, Arduino, etc. etc.
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