Button Board vs. Touch Board Questions

Hello there! I hope to find a solution/inspiration here in the forum.
I use various Arylic boards (here the Amp 2 v3, FW: 4.6.337862.29 . After I was finally able to build a button board myself without the error on the circuit diagram and it works reliably, I am looking for a touch solution as shown in the picture "I find it better to do tasks on the device than always having to use the remote control or the smartphone. Unfortunately I can’t find a name for the IC in this example. However, the board’s output switches a voltage through it, analogous to the KEY input action (play/mute etc.) In the table I measured the voltages of the arylic board, the touch IC does about the same! Does anyone have an idea what kind of circuit this could be? No way it is like seen here: B&O Beomaster 3500n reborn with Arylic and sensi-touch
I suspect that there is a PIC16F627A behind it that evaluates the 8 keys and creates an analog output signal from them. Thank you in advance for all your suggestions!
Another question about the volume knob board - has anyone gotten the push function on their board to work properly? After measuring the lines, I got the loud/quiet function right, but the push function doesn’t work?

TTP223 can do

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ve already found the 223 (see link beomaster) and ruled it out, because otherwise I’d have to spend a lot of time on 8 keys, that’s more elegant… just how… was the question. For the arylic board do you need an analog voltage value at KEY…that means 8 voltage dividers and another 8 signal inverters…for use with the 223…greeting

Hi @Joerg_Dumont

About the volume knob board, i got the push function work properly but i didn’t try with the official knob board from arylic.
Here is some picture from my wired:


I hope it’s will help you!

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