B50 Firmware Version Update 52-452f344c

Hello everyone, we are going to release a new version of B50, the following are the changes and fixes of B50.

This time, we will release the new firmware of B50: 52-452f344c.

I will put the firmware version below; everyone downloads the firmware to the computer, unzips it, and imports it into the USB disk.

52-452f344c changes :

  1. Fix the issue that there are subdirectories in the USB disk, which causes the USB disk to crash after switching modes and playing.

  2. Fix the issue if the USB disk directory is too long and you switch modes, the system will crash.

  3. Fixed some communication problems with GO CONTROL APP.

  4. Support USB disk in FAT32 format.

  5. Support new GO CONTROL APP features. (Version 1.2.8)

How to upgrade the firmware version:

The upgrade steps are very simple. The steps are as follows:

1、Download the firmware version to the computer on the forum and decompress it.

2、Import the decompressed firmware onto the USB disk. The USB disk format must be FAT for upgrading. We have solved this problem in the version after this upgrade.


3、Insert the USB disk that imported the firmware into the USB disk interface of the B50, and the device will automatically switch to USB disk mode.



4、Open our GO CONTROL APP to connect the device. After the connection is successful, the App will pop up a prompt that says it needs to be upgraded.

5.Click Upgrade, and all LED lights on the B50 will light up. This process lasts about 10 seconds. After the upgrade is complete, the Bluetooth light flashes quickly, the device restarts, and the upgrade is complete.


6. Open the GO CONTROL APP to reconnect the device, and click Settings to view the device version number; if there is any change, the upgrade is successful.

Format USB Flash Drive to FAT/FAT16(not FAT32) 07/25.2023 Update:

Hello everyone, I’m Joia,I think many friends don’t know how to convert a USB flash drive to a 4GB FAT format USB flash drive. Let me explain to my friends:

1、Turn on the computer, find the Windows button on the computer keyboard, or the Windows icon on the computer taskbar, right-click the mouse, display the computer properties, then find the “Disk Management” option and click it, we will enter the disk management interface.

As follows:

2、After entering the disk management interface, insert the U disk. Of course, you can also insert a USB flash drive before entering the disk management interface. Next, we can partition the U disk. (Pay attention to the location of the U disk, do not choose the wrong disk, so as not to affect the internal disk of the computer, and check whether it can be moved. It is best to insert the U disk after entering the disk management interface, and you will clearly see the U disk that needs to be partitioned).


  1. Formatting the U disk will lose all data, so backup is required;
  2. Don’t choose the wrong disk.

3、Find the inserted U disk, right-click to pop up a selection box, and delete the existing partition;

4、Right-click to pop up a selection box to create a new partition;

5、After clicking Yes, an option box to create a new volume will pop up. Click “Next” to jump to the interface of how many GB of USB disk to create. The newly created partition needs to be less than 4GB, we enter 2000 (about 2GB). The newly created partition has nothing to do with the size of the original disk.
After adjusting the USB disk space, click “Next”.

6、Enter the interface of selecting U disk format,The default FAT format, directly to the next step.

7、New partition created successfully!After the creation is complete, you can see the newly created partition, and the black part is the unallocated disk space.

If you have any other questions, please leave a message.

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I could successfully do the firmware upgrade. Now FAT32 USB is also working. But I could not access the playlists on the USB to choose what to play. In A50+ the song list used to visible in the 4stream App. Could you please look into this.



Dear Mr. Frank,

Pls support


I think, after you plugged the USB disk, and you could see a playlist icon on the top right corner of the input source area, click it to show the contents.

Dear Frank,

Thanks for the response. I will try and update you.


Dear Frank,

I checked and could not find the playlist icon in the input source area. Pls ref below screenshot.


Did you upgrade firmware to the version 52? And does the USB playback start? You could use the preview mode to help to check the UI.

Yes I upgraded to 52. Pls ref below screenshot.
Yes USB playback starts as soon as the USB is plugged.
How to use the preview mode to help to check the UI.

Seems you’re still using the old APP, please update it from the store.

Ok. I will check.

The problem is solved. I have updated GoControl app and the list is visible now. Thanks for the support.

Hello, I am running app version 1.2.8.

I am not getting prompt to upgrade after plugging in USB disk formatted in FAT32 and with only the MVA file on the disk.

EDIT: I used another disk and formatted to “FAT” (not FAT32) and it worked.

App feedback: I am very happy to see more EQ adjustments under the EQ settings. However, there are two EQ pages now, one is under “sound” tab and another under “EQ” tab. This is confusing. If I choose to run custom EQ under the “EQ” tab, the settings on “sound” tab should be overridden but they are not. Should I just set bass/treble/mid to 0 on the “sound” tab?

Thank you

Hi ThunderOne, welcome to Arylic forum.

The treble/mid/bass effects are working at the same time with the equalizer, so you could increase more bass with the custom EQ, but care for the distortion :grinning:

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Hi Frank,

As I already said, track lists on USB is visible after the app update. But the currently playing track is not highlighted. Also, I have the tracks in USB in folders according to the genre. The folders are not displayed. Instead, all tracks together are listed which makes song selection little complicated. Any solution for this.

Hi Sanath,

Thanks for the feedback. Currently, the player will search all songs on disk and play in one list, and your suggestion is great. We’re actually working on this feature, use folders to manage the songs. And still considering for how to implement, and did not see no technical issue for now.

And regarding the now playing song, currently it should be marked with a play icon on right side. And when you close the list, and show it again, it will focus on the currently playing song, and show as the first of the list.

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Hi Frank,

Many thanks for the reply.

Hello everyone,
With the old firmware I had issues with the volume. With 90w rms and 92db sensitivity speakers and volume at 100% I could have a conversation sitting right in front of the speakers. That shouldn’t be.
The problem was especially with bluetooth. ARC input was slightly better but still I could max it easily.

Now after the upgrade, ARC is the same as Bluetooth. Very poor.
I simply cannot enjoy the sound anymore. I am halfass solving the problem using the EQ but since it only goes to 125Hz i think I am losing a lot of bass.
Any ideas of what could be wrong?

Also some feedback for the new app. The crossover setting is now adjusted by 50Hz increments which is not nice since 80Hz which is a very popular setting is unachievable. Also it would be really nice to have EQ for below 125Hz.

I do not have this issue running 6 ohm bookshelf speakers. I am able to run the volume up high enough to cause distortion especially if I don’t tone down the EQ on the lower end.

Hi Frank,

I checked. Now playing song is not marked with a play icon. Also, when we close the list and open again it remains at song no. 1 and not the now playing song. Can you pls check and advise.

Then something is wrong with my machine. Max volume is nowhere near distortion…
Like I said, I can have a conversation at a normal voice level while listening at 100%

Any help from Arylic?

Thank you