ArylicHTTP - An ESP32 Library for Arylic Devices

Now available on GitHub and through the Arduino Library Manager, ArylicHTTP is a simple ESP32 library for interfacing with your Arylic whole home audio system. Check out one of the examples and you will see it takes only a few lines to start making calls into your system!

Inspired by this post, I began my own venture with an ESP32 to control my new Arylic system and ended up with this library. This is just the first step in a larger project to come.

The first pass has an ESP32 establishing a group of 2 devices, setting their volumes, and playing a preset, all at the press of a button.

// Setup API
ArylicHTTP* api = new ArylicHTTP();

// Setup Groups
api->groupJoin(ARYLIC_DEV_S, ARYLIC_DEV_M);

// Set volumes
api->setVolume(ARYLIC_DEV_M, 65);
api->setVolume(ARYLIC_DEV_S, 40);

// Play preset 1
api->preset(ARYLIC_DEV_M, 1);

To get started, be sure you have the Arduino IDE installed and configured for ESP32 development; open the Library Manager, then search for and install ArylicHTTP.

Once installed, check out an example program from the File → Examples dropdown to get started.


One example use is Arylic32, a simple Arylic remote based on an ESP32.

It’s a simple library, but hopefully it can help others build some cool projects!


Nice work @mclarkdev Matt,

I’ll test it next week and give experience feedback :slightly_smiling_face: