ACPWork bench

Hi am not able to understand the crossover setting on ACP workbench when am connecting the Up2Stream Amp 2.1.

Please suggest on how to work on Crossovers and what’s the default Frequency it’s set to.


Hi Akash, welcome to Arylic Forum.

The crossover is not showing in the normal way because of the tool. But, we apply different filters on the output. Normally, we use a high pass filter for the Left/Right channel which is the major stereo output, and use a low pass filter for the Mono channel which is normally used as the subwoofer output. and you could use different frequency for the filters.

And a audio path picture to help understand how the audio flows, the blue blocks could be adjusted in ACP tool.

Thank you so much for the quick reply.
Let me work on it.

Thanks, I was able to control the crossover the way you suggest.

One more question:
Will it be possible to eliminate the turning potentiometers sound?
I mean the click sound as we turn the volume knob.


You could check this topic and customize the default settings over API.

Hi Akash, I am also working on the same one. I have the Up2Stream Amp Stereo version. I was thinking the use left channel for the Tweeter and the right channel for the Sub-woofer. How can you adjust these channels in the ACP tool? Is it possible to do a crossover like this? If yes can you share some tips? Maybe screenshot?

Thank you very much @William_Obrien ! Let me try that out