Full frequency range on a 2.1 plate amp?

Hi folks, I want to set-up a single 3-way speaker for mono playback covering as much of the 20 Hz to 20 KHz range that the plate amp 2.1 says that it can reproduce. I’ve got myself ACP workbench to help. What I was hoping to do was use one channel to run the bass driver from 20-500 Hz and then use the other channel to run the mid and tweeter (using a physical crossover) to take care of 500 -20 KHz. Would this work, or does the plate amp have a hardware high-pass filter that limits L and R? I’ve looked through a bunch of posts and I suspect there may be a hardware high-pass at 200 Hz on the plate amp that would have to be physically removed if I want to achieve my aim.

Hi, there’s a low pass filter on the DACX channel (should about 300Hz), and no hardware filter on Left/Right channel, you could adjust the software filters on ACP.

Great, that makes me confident! Thank you for the advice.

OK, so far so good! I’ve setup filters for L (20-500 Hz) and R (500-20,000 Hz) and I’ve connected R to a crossover and then my mid and tweeter. Each responds nicely when I play pink noise.
So now I need to have my L and R channels each outputting mono - my simple mind tells me “Output mode MONO” rather than stereo is what I should select to achieve this? Is that correct? What does this function do anyway; add L to R; average the two; or something else?

yes, the output mode is what you need, and it will add L and R and average, and then send the result to L and R, maybe a picture is more clear

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Thank you, that is exactly what I needed to know! I tried it, and all is OK!!

I have been trying to get Arylic to answer this question - how do I bi-amp a speaker? No luck, but looks like you figured it out. I cannot get the ACPworkbench software to connect so I cannot see the second screen yet to try, Plugging into my PC overloads my USB power so I think something is wrong on the amp board. Just contacted tech support to see what they say.

Hi TedCA. Yes, all seems to work well, but I haven’t really tested all my drivers to evaluate how flat the response is across the full frequency range, as I haven’t put them into an enclosure or even a baffle. In regard to not getting ACP to connect - are you powering up the plate amp? It has to be powered up directly for the S/W to talk to the amp/
Good luck with your project!

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