6-zone multiroom amplifiers using 12 Up2Stream AMP V3's

Hello everyone! This is editor Joy!
Today I am going to share an interesting multiroom project to you. It is made by Martijn from Netherlands!

What is in Martijn mind"I have made two 6-zone multiroom amplifiers using 12 Up2Stream AMP V3’s.
They are mounted in a 19’’ inch rack with an internal ethernet switch and are powering in-ceiling speakers in 12 different rooms. It is working perfectly!

Thank you so much for your wonderful products, incredible value for money!"

Let’s check out the Amazing project:

Thanks for the sharing from Martijn! How do you think with this project? Feel free to leave your comments below to let us know.

See you in next project!


Awesome! look amazing!
Can you share info of the power supply? how many watts each board can get?


@Sim Good question! It is 350W switching power supply which can wire to 3 of our Up2stream Amp V4 amplifier board at once.(if you want to get the maximum 50W X2 output performance.)


Nice One Martijn. Totally Crazy but brilliant :slight_smile:


Hi @Sim,

Martijn here, creator of this build :slight_smile:
The power supply is a Meanwell SNT HRP 600 24 (24V 650W). It delivers just under 110W per board (I have 6 boards per amp).


Nice project!


Hi @Joy,

Thanks for sharing!

So far the amps are working beautifully! They have plenty of power and sound nice :+1:

I have one annoyance though which I hope you guys at Arylic can fix with a future firmware update:
I’m using these amps in a permanent in-ceiling speaker installation. Some rooms have more than one pair of speakers, so I use the multiroom grouping feature to link the speaker pairs in the same room together as one.
This works great, however after each automatic firmware update or after a power cycle the groups I’ve created are lost and all amps are set individual again. So after each firmware update I have to re-group the speakers everytime. This is very annoying.

Can you provide a future firmware update, so that the user created groups are saved and also remain after updates and power cycles/reboots?

Many thanks!


@Martijn , @Joy : whow this looks really professional ! Congrats !

And yes, not loosing the speakers group assignment after power cycle is one of my feature requests as well. Good to know that I am not the only one.



That is an awesome build. I’ve built something similar (to be posted soon) but your build gave me lots of good ideas to add and reminded me that I need to prioritize my cable management. Thanks for sharing.


@Martijn, thanks for posting your awesome built!
Which power suppy did you use for your integrated switch?



Great job, it’s a final product and ready for sale! :smiley: The wires are arranged really neat and looks technical and professional. Amazing.

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@Ralfgr, it’s a Meanwell SNT RS 25 12 :wink:

Thanks for the info! Great stuff! :grinning:

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Hi @Martijn very appreciate your nice photos and ideas. I think I choose right project as the first article to start the forum :wink:

Hope you can keep your good work and share more!

Sure, this is a great advice. We do really have this problem currently, will check if we could solve this in the future update.

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Got it!

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@Joy Great! That would be fantastic if multiroom groups can be saved permanently :+1:


Cable management absolute quality @Martijn . If you are not already an electrician then you should be one :slight_smile:

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Hi Joy,

Do you have any update on saving speaker groups? Can it be solved in a firmware update?

Hi @Martijn, it is supposed to save the multi room configuration after power off and on, currently firmware seems have some problem in this, we’ll look into it and find a solution.


Thanks! That would be great :grin: