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Question: Is YouTube Music (paid service) supported by the 4Stream App?

On the Arylic website I see the YouTube logo. But in the 4Stream App I haven’t found a way to add the YouTube Music service to the 4Stream ‘Browse’ panel. (See the picture below)
So I would like to know if YouTube Music is a supported music service within the 4Stream App like Spotify, Tidal or Deezer.

Since the firmware upgrade of the Up2Stream Mini v3 to version 4.6.328252.28, I have an issue with volume control of grouped speakers. I have extensively described this in my thread: ‘Errors in volume control on Up2Stream Mini v3 ?

Currently no YouTube Music integrated

For what it’s worth, Youtube Music only streams at the highest quality 256kbps which is absolutely awful. The old Google Play Music would top out at 320kbps (like Spotify) but, I noticed the downgrade with YouTube music and now only use Spotify for Qobuz. YMMV.

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@HackersMovie Charles,

Interesting. How do you measure the bitrate of streaming services ?


Thnx for responding.
You are right. Though in this case I have a customer that prefers to use YouTube Music, so for me it is a given choice.

To access YouTube Music with Android Auto: Make sure you’re signed into the YouTube Music app. After signing in, go the music tab in Android Auto. YouTube Music should now be in the music tab for your listening experience.