Wish for UART commands

Great the Uart input. We can control it from different way !

Little wishes :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: to add some uart commands:

  • To get Streaming quality /sampling rate (useful for internet radio, some are better than other)
  • To get the connected device name (for ex. name of the phone connected by Bluetooth)
  • RSSI to get BT / WiFi
  • plicount: The total number of tracks in the playlist
  • plicurr|Index of current track in playlist
  • Time: to get date/time

Hope it will be possible on a next release!

Thanks a lot

and the name of track, transmitting right now by internet-radio station…

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@DiyAudio @Cheeks

This is a helpful table. Not all the documentation is written or published yet.

All this can be done with HTTPAPI

This will be possible with UPnP/DLNA Command Set. However I don’t think it is possible with vTuner but should be achievable with TuneIn as long as the broadcaster has followed the instructions. Check out this Topic.

Hope this helps, Kevin


I sow some commands in your table but with HTTP.
I would like those commands on Uart… Please :pray: :grinning:


You will have to wait for Arylic to respond. Maybe they have commands that work, maybe they don’t :thinking:

I did the TCP/IP documentation for passthrough to UART. Without checking my documentation I am pretty sure that it covered some of these things. It’s not published yet.

So help me understand, why only UART for you ? Are you meaning commands with a serial cable ?

Q. Streaming Quality - this is a tricky field. Broadcasters can cheat so they announce a High Resolution but the actual resolution is lower (or even more important the recording quality maybe less than the broadcasting quality) . My personal Opinion is this is a “can of worms” and the best measure is our ears :joy:

Also note that Arylic Hardware is based on Linkplay Platform https://www.linkplay.com/ so there will be limitations on what Arylic can do.

If you can post you’re Hardware, Software & Network Architecture along with a brief what you are trying to achieve I am sure I can advise what can be done now and what you will have to wait for Linkplay & Arylic to add.

I am not a huge fan of httpapi but TCP/IP Socket Communication works for me. Not just with Arylic Products but more or less every device in my homes. (not a fan of MQTT or RF433Mhz either but sometimes there is no alternative).

Regards, Kevin

Yes some commands already exist on TCP/IP. Maybe they already exist with Uart but not yet in the documentations.

You have right but I don’t think that the “big” radio stations send wrong resolution.

On the Arylic is connected with:

  • active Loudspeakers
  • Ethernet
  • Volume control knob.
  • HD on USB port (I would like to replace my iPod by this HD, but yet the max.120 files are the biggest limitation)
  • UART connected to my homemade home automation. It receive all IR/radio commands and translate it and send it on the serial line. (why am I using serial instead of Ethernet. it works always if you loose Ethernet). My HA display source and title (received by uart).


OK understand now. Nice that you have a homemade home automation system :slight_smile:

I don’t listen to a lot of Internet Radio but I will have a look into it if you give me a couple of example stations.

My gut feeling is that the mechanism to get track data on Radio Stations is completely different to recover Track Information on a USB Disk or a Music Server (This will be in the Arylic case UPnP/DLNA (more than likely); where the standard is available.

Do you know if there is a common Broadcasting Standard for Track Metadata ?

Regards, Kevin

Cheeks spoke about that, maybe he has some informations:

I found:

(in French sorry) and:

But your question is very good; does any standard exist ???

Some examples with different rates:



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Sorry, I don’t know anythig about this.
This is link to my Favorit radio, and I can see name of track in MALP app for Androind, wich connecnet to MPD player based on Orange Pi

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Pas de probleme comme je peux (pouvais) parler Francais :joy:
Pour moi, Il faut eviter la documentation Russe ou Chinoise :roll_eyes:
Je vais regarder votre information pour me renseigner.
Salutations, Kevin

Merci Kevin, vous parlez très bien français! Bravo!

Dans quel pays êtes-vous ?

Merci et bonne soirée !


Je suis anglais de l’angleterre :roll_eyes:

Par contre j’avais habite pres de 6 ans en France. Le Mans, Cergy-Pontoise, Valence et Mulhouse.

Et comme tu peux voir j’ai aucun accent sur mon clavier :slight_smile:

Bonne Soiree et a la prochaine.