Current song at internet radio

Hi, when i use internetradio tuneln i do not see the current song information, is there a way to change that?
Regards Frank

Maybe i was not clear as i got no feedback.
Do you have the same behavior, when i start tunnel radio, i get an information at my screen, that never changes. I expect to get the current title and interpret.
Am i wrong, is that my fault, or a bug.
Regards Frank

I’m sure it’s a software issue.

Strange, that no one else has an problem with that, for me this is essential, what can i do to get that fixed ?

@Frank Frank,

I am not an expert on these things but I do half a clue :joy:

I “imagine” that the track information depends not solely on the Arylic / Linkplay Software. It also is very dependent on the Service (vTuner, TuneIn, etc.) What is tunnel radio ?

In Summary Points of Failure could be

  1. Internet Radio Service is not broadcasting Track Information
  2. Linkplay/Arylic are not detecting the track information
  3. 4STREAM APP is not displaying track information on change.

If you can be patient I will check out “TuneIn” behaviour at this level. I don’t use use TuneIn so I just need some confirmation on your side before investigating.

  1. You are using TuneIn ?
  2. What Arylic Device do you have ?
  3. What is your Visual Display, Phone ? Android ? Apple ? 4STREAM APP ?
  4. Which Internet Radio Stations are you listening to ?




  1. You are using TuneIn ?
    Yes w
  2. What Arylic Device do you have ?
    I have an Amp v4
  3. What is your Visual Display, Phone ? Android ? Apple ? 4STREAM APP ?
    I use 4stream on ipad
  4. Which Internet Radio Stations are you listening to ?
    E.g. Antenne Bayern
    Thanks frank
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@Frank got the info :+1:

Will look into it

There is a distinct difference between “no-one has” and “no-one complains about”
I myself have the same problem but I have come to live with it.
A solution would be nice however ;-))



For some reason there was no content this morning on Antenne Bayern.

Without getting into the details of how I tested this

  • When testing radio stations in TuneIn there are many stations that do not provide track info.

I am thinking the most common fault is that Broadcasters register with TuneIn but don’t necessarily set up things perfectly following TuneIn guidelines. See Link

I would suggest the first place to start is to ask the Broadcaster if they comply with the TuneIn Guidelines.

Hope this helps


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Thank you Kevin for that Information,

Is there an other way or app, in arylic, to get any Internetradio with song Information.

Regards Frank

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OK Frank

I have only recently found out how dlna works. This is the key to doing this together with the Arylic.

I still need to get my head round it all. Will do some research and get back to you.


Hi Kevin,
Do you have news to that.
Maybe you know a releasedate .
Thank you, Frank

Hi Frank,
Suddenly I have a bit more time to do this sort of stuff.
I’ll look into it again and make some firm conclusions.
Should be able to do this this week.
Regards, Kevin

Just a note: in the case of internet radio streams, the artist - song title does not appear on the web interface (and in 4Stream app), the same stream e.g. displays tags when played in Winamp.

Hi arylic,

Slowly i get a little dissapointed how long it takes to get that feature request. Bye the way. In my oppinion this is a basic feature, like a steering wheel in a car.
Al the other players like volumio or hifiberry provide that oob
Regards Frank