Why is such a big problem to give us option to get older firmware?

I am Arylic customer for some time and I already tried to discuss this with customer support.
I also read almost complete forum to be sure that maybe there is some way to do it.
Of course, I have ACPWorkbench and read complete help menu - but no luck with that…

My newest problem is that with new firmware, I can’t switch on complete audio system
with GPIO pin! With 4.2.9326.27 it was obviously possible, because audio system was delivered
and it was fully functional. Now it can’t be switched on!

I fully understand development side, and that this is not simple.
But it is irresponsible to give something out, that is not fully checked and without
option to roll back!
(and even “force” user with reed logo “screaming”: it is new- install it!, until last app update)

For better illustration, allow me to point out some problems with new version of firmware’s.
Power button complete changed functions and behavior.
I just developed complete audio environment with first logic, for multi-room systems.
Firmware changed - complete work was useless.
Next, if you wanted to give someone manual with mini&pro modules,
the old documentation is also become useless.

Newest situation is that I have to explain why is not possible to switch on the system any more… :weary:

I also read on forum many situations with problems, and universal logical solution:
OK - new version is not working - let us return to old known good firmware!

It would be pity, if such a good products end as only fun toys - because of unpredictable behavior. :confounded:

From my point of view, first new firmware should have:

1: Removed sign for new firmware! (to avoid unintentional installations)
2: In settings tab, information that new firmware is existing
3: In settings tab, or at least in ACPWb , option to roll back to older firmware


I totally agree with you. With latest update 4.6.328252.6 the sound quality on my mini v2 is much worse!
And as I see now I can’t revert to older firmware at all?!

I believe there is a windows tool for uploading a firmware file.

However it would be good to have a firmware download page with all main old versions.

Also i am not sure there is a way to stop the old firmware then upgrading.

It obviously needs some thought how this can be done to so that it is reasonably simple for all customers to do this.

Like always in life, why do you fix something if it’s not broken…
From my point of view: if we have fully functional item, don’t change anything without user approval.
Even then, if we have stable system and user decided that he is completely satisfied with present
options and functionality, there is no need to change anything.

Info about possible upgrade is more than enough, with option for older version in case if
something goes wrong (and it always will, what is understandable for new firmware)

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Do you mean playback sound quality or background “audio junk” (hiss, ticking sounds…) ?
If it is about sound quality, from what source or WiFi service do you noticed worse sound?

Playback sound quality.
The device is quieter and the bass level is much lower now. I’m using analog output.

Do you have ACPWorkbench to check settings?
I use DSP with 6 point equalization and level adjustment to amplifier to compensate small speakers,
so I obviously missed that.
I will check and measure levels with all zero settings, if I have mini with some old firmware…


As users it’s difficult for us to see how a “firmware upgrade” could have a negative effect on Sound Quality :roll_eyes:

However your experience suggests this is the case. Whilst Arylic are really listening the us (the users) on the platform (forum) we should certainly be aware of a “functional” upgrade, degrading “sound quality”. Maybe they should have more “beta upgrades” with volunteer “testers” if they don’t have the resources to test themselves.

Personally I would prefer a few well fully tested “upgrades” than a lot of them with the possibility of affecting existing Sound Quality & Functionality.

As @Rsl mentioned in this Topic " if it ain’t broken don’t fix it"


I saw virtual bass option in this UART list - maybe this was enabled in previous firmware? As sound was with much better bass.
VBS[:{onoff}] current virtual bass enable/disable virtual bass VBS:{onoff}

Does someone know how to enable this VBS? Can I do that with putty connected to port 8899 ?

Download this tool

Connect with your Device IP Address

returns Virtual Bass Status 0 = off 1 - ON


Hope this helps


P.S. These are TCP/IP socket commands so putty won’t do the job (unless I’m missing something :slight_smile: )

P.P.S. (disclaimer) I know how to switch it ON & OFF but i have NO idea what it does or sounds like :joy:

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your help.

I don’t get any response with command:

uart_passtrough works as command MCU+PAS+EQGet& returns

Any idea why MCU+PAS+RAKOIT:VBS& doesn’t works?

Works for me with PRO & MINI
What Arylic Hardware are you using ?

Enter this command in your web browser (replace IP address with your devices) and send JSON table (reply) in Personal Message

Can you create a Topic called VBS or something like that. I think we are kind of running off thread with the intention of @Rsl topic. We shouldn’t pollute it :slight_smile:

Sorry for hijacking this thread :pleading_face:

Let’s continue here: How to enable VBS (virtual bass)

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Hi, it’s indeed a mistake to upgrade firmware in force, will change this in next firmware. So, it will only show upgrading on app but won’t upgrade in the background without user’s agreement. For the MCU firmwares, will try to make a place to let user download all the old versions, but this will be only available why turned off the ota in background, or else it will return to new version next time.

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It’s OK :slightly_smiling_face:

At the end, we have to be glad that we have someone who is listening our logical requests,
and join with us to make his product better.
With given answer, it is clear that it will be better situation with firmware in the future! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Of course, that I didn’t succeed to do anything… :weary:
As soon as mini had access to internet, it silently without my knowledge updated to latest firmware and run over all settings…
Not to mention, now I lost last functional device that could switch on audio system :pensive:
That was really stupid of me… :speak_no_evil:

Once again proved that all my(our) requests are legit (and obviously - urgent!) :pray: :pray: :pray:

To help you on different way: do you have ACPWorkbench?
Do you know about Fletcher–Munson curves?

We have DSP inside mini&pro, with very powerful tools.
I use this always and everyone who listened my audio systems with
diy boards, is astonished with sound (especially with bass quality and quantity).
I just followed Fl-Mu curves and created equalization that is adjusted for expected
sound pressure levels.
I also included high-pass filter to reduce cone movement below resonant frequency
of speaker, so in return I have more headroom and speaker control, and some reverse
curve of drivers and/or crossover problems on specific frequency.

If you have ACPW, I can give you screenshot settings to try.
And if you give me type of your speaker (or freq. response), I can adjust parameters
for your speaker - no problem!

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Thank you very much for your cooperative approach.
It is nice to know that someone is listening for our problems! :beers:

Please, think about it to put information in settings tab not in front page like now.
On that way, no one can tap on update by mistake, and all experienced or skillful users will easily find it.
Win-win situation.

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Fully acceptable. :+1:
Just to have solution to go back when something is not (jet) working and to avoid automatic+“I am curious” updates. :slightly_smiling_face:


you are right, it is not possible that there is not a way to go back to the old firmware.
On all devices from other brands this is possible.