How to enable VBS (virtual bass)

After upgrade to the latest firmware (the device upgraded itself) the bass level is much lower now on my mini v2 device. I’m using analog output.

Maybe VBS was enabled in previous firmware so I want to enable it. I don’t have ACPWorkbench to check settings so I want to use uart passtrough.

But my device doesn’t respond to those commands:

uart passtrough works as command MCU+PAS+EQGet& returns

This is my hardware:
{ “uuid”: “FF31F09XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXCB”, “DeviceName”: “Yamaha”, “GroupName”: “Yamaha”, “ssid”: “SoundSystem_6CC5”, “language”: “en_us”, “firmware”: “4.6.329454”, “hardware”: “A31”, “build”: “release”, “project”: “RP0013_WA31S”, “priv_prj”: “RP0013_WA31S”, “project_build_name”: “a31rakoit”, “Release”: “20210915”, “temp_uuid”: “A98FB52C21C179A1”, “hideSSID”: “0”, “SSIDStrategy”: “2”, “branch”: “A31_stable_4.6”, “group”: “0”, “wmrm_version”: “4.2”, “internet”: “1”, “MAC”: “00:22:6C:10:6C:C5”, “STA_MAC”: “00:22:6C:10:6C:C7”, “CountryCode”: “CN”, “CountryRegion”: “1”, “netstat”: “2”, “essid”: “7265642D70696C6C2E6575”, “apcli0”: “”, “eth2”: “”, “ra0”: “”, “eth_dhcp”: “1”, “VersionUpdate”: “0”, “NewVer”: “0”, “set_dns_enable”: “1”, “mcu_ver”: “6”, “mcu_ver_new”: “0”, “dsp_ver”: “”, “dsp_ver_new”: “0”, “date”: “2021:10:17”, “time”: “06:46:16”, “tz”: “1.0000”, “dst_enable”: “1”, “region”: “unknown”, “prompt_status”: “1”, “iot_ver”: “1.0.0”, “upnp_version”: “1005”, “cap1”: “0x305200”, “capability”: “0x28690b80”, “languages”: “0x6”, “streams_all”: “0x7ffffbfe”, “streams”: “0x7f9831fe”, “external”: “0x0”, “plm_support”: “0x0”, “preset_key”: “10”, “spotify_active”: “0”, “lbc_support”: “0”, “privacy_mode”: “0”, “WifiChannel”: “13”, “RSSI”: “-64”, “BSSID”: “50:D4:F7:FA:25:FB”, “battery”: “0”, “battery_percent”: “0”, “securemode”: “0”, “auth”: “OPEN”, “encry”: “NONE”, “ali_pid”: “RAKOIT_MA1”, “ali_uuid”: “”, “upnp_uuid”: “uuid:FF31F09E-EC1A-E7EA-ADA0-F9CBFF31F09E”, “uart_pass_port”: “8899”, “communication_port”: “8819”, “web_firmware_update_hide”: “0”, “ignore_talkstart”: “0”, “web_login_result”: “-1”, “silenceOTATime”: “”, “ignore_silenceOTATime”: “1”, “new_tunein_preset_and_alarm”: “1”, “iheartradio_new”: “1”, “new_iheart_podcast”: “1”, “tidal_version”: “2.0”, “service_version”: “1.0”, “security”: “https/2.0”, “security_version”: “2.0” }

Any idea how to enable VBS?

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Hi, do you have a remote control? You can enable it by remote. For the UART commands, because the miniv2 is using the old platform and have different commands, I’ll check it tomorrow. I can’t remember it now.

Hi Frank,

No, I dont have a remote control. Yes, I would ask for instruction.

This up2stream mini v2 powered by an old yamaha amplifier gave a realy good sound till last fw update.
So I really hope there is a solution.

That’s how it looks like :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mitja,

please try to send this to the device with uart tool, MCU+PAS+Rakoit:VB:1&

Btw, you stick the antenna on the metal? This would affect the wifi signal a lot.

This is true.
Advice: unhook WiFi antenna on the board side, pass through from back and stick it outside the case.
You can unscrew one screw (for example: left down on your pic above far left RCA
connector, right to the FM tuner) , or even go through center one of the RCA connector that is not in use (Phono In, Video Rec Out…)
This will increase your range significantly.

Hi Frank,
Yes, this setting did the job! Bass is back again :slight_smile: MCU+PAS+Rakoit:VB:1&

Regarding wifi antenna, first plan was external wifi antenna, but Yamaha is 2m away from wifi router so this wasn’t necessary. :innocent:

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