Up2Stream V4 - Questions About Lan and fans

Hi i just bought 4 Up2Stream V4 amps and i love them!
Just two quick questions:

Is there any way to specify to use Ethernet only?
In 4Stream app i was forced to disconnect the ethernet cable in order to find the device, so i had to put my nework SSID/password and now the device is connected via Wifi. The only way to stop that is to blacklist the Wifi card MAC in my router, i hope there is a more elegant solution.

Is there any way to power a PC fan from the board?
Since all four amps are going in my network rack i’d like to put some fans in the shelf, is there any way to power one from the amp? maybe using PH2.0-2P: 5V+, GND: 5V power output for other device

@Ruggero @zpl1025

The proposed Web Interface should fix this. DHCP lease time or static IP

Someone on the forum suggested removing the wifi aerial to avoid the wifi connecting. It was a good idea and works for me :slight_smile:

Regards, Kevin

normally the device will stop the WIFI when connected with Ethernet, I’m not sure why the app can’t find the device when using ethernet, Ethernet and WIFI are seperated network? If so, you might need to set your WIFI router to work in AP mode, which means it only extend the network and not work as a local subnet.

For the fan, the best way is to trigger when have audio output, you can do this in ACPWorkbench, and assign a PIN to output HIGH when have audio output which means AMP is working, and LOW when muted. And use this PIN to drive the relay to control the fan. So, the fan will work when AMP working.

Thanks @NWT.Stuff and @zpl1025 !!

I’ll try to explain the wifi issue a bit more. I tried resetting the amp (triple short press) and then after powering it off i removed the aerial and connected the ethernet cable. The status light went straight from blinking rapidly to not bliking at all and the 4Stream app couldn’t find the device. @zpl1025 Ethernet and WIFI are both the same network, same dhcp range, ecc (i use a Unifi UDM Pro router that has no AP and a separate Unifi AP).

About the fan, thanks @zpl1025 , i’ll look into it!


I can’t remember if the LAN port has indicator lamps on it. I can check this evening.

I would check those lamps on the Arylic LAN Port and at the other end of the cable in the router. If there is no lights flashing there is no comms taking place.

If no lights flashing maybe try another Ethernet cable or ensure that the plugs are well engaged on the RJ45 ports.

Also do you have access to a network scanning Tool/App e.g. Fing ? Always handy when problem solving on LAN & WLAN.

Regards, Kevin

For the ethernet connection, if the LED stopped blinking, it has connected to network. And if you can’t see it on your phone, please make sure the Unifi AP is not isolated. To confirm, find out the IP address of device from router managing page, and try to access this link on your phone, http://DEVICE_IP/httpapi.asp?command=getStatusEx and see if it cound return with the device information.

btw, the RJ45 on board has no indicator.

Hi everyone!
@NWT.Stuff yes there are amber lights on all ports, so the cable is working and the connection is 100 mb/s. I see both IPs for every device, the ip assigned to the wireless card mac and the one assigned to the ethernet mac. I’d like to disable the network card, can i phisically remove it? it looks like an add-on board

@zpl1025 all the devices are returning the correct infos via API.

EDIT: I tried removing the wifi module, now the status led keeps blinking. I guess I’ll have to stick to WIFI and not use ethernet

Can you confirm that the real IP address of the device (connected with ethernet), and the IP of your phone, is in the same network segment?

The most likely reason is that, the WIFI AP is working in router mode, and the device connected with ethernet is outside the subnet, althouth the phone inside could reach the device, but the broadcasting message can’t get though which normally used in device discovery.

Yes they are in the same network. The problem for me is that in order to add a device in the 4Stream app you are forced to add a wifi network, if there was the possibility to add the device by IP this would have been much simpler

@Ruggero @zpl1025

I have expressed the need for a Browser Interface to configure IP settings. I believe Franck @zpl1025 @arylic are committed to doing something about this.

I thought about removing the card too :slight_smile: I had some strange experience with this too. Will check with my available hardware and post.

Yes , i tried removing the card but the status led keep blinking forever on boot so it doesn’t seems like a viable option, too bad…

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Cheers for that. I won’t try that then :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh… @zpl1025 is Frank? THE (hardware) Frank I’ve been in contact with so many times via email? I am also a Frank, btw :smiley:

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@phranck I don’t think so. Seems like you are a phranck :joy: :joy:

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OK Frank & Frank thanks for sharing

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haha, Led Zeppelin is a new phrase for me until I searched for it just now. I’ll try to listen their albums for a start.
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Frank, I will send you a download link to 24bit 96khz essential test track " Whole Lotta Love". You should include it on your performance testing (especially the drums by John Bonham).

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