Up2Stream Pro V3

I have a friend that bought 5 of Pro v3. He bought them after I showed him my system. I have 2 minis, a Pro v3 and an 2.1 amp, all DIY boards. After firmware updates, he is saying that after about 30 seconds the slave devices start to crackle and the sound cuts out, the master device is fine. I have not experienced this on my system and I was wondering if anyone else is getting similar issues?

I have asked him to update the firmware again and he has. He says the issue is still there but he says he believes it’s the firmware update that is causing this.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

Thanks for any help.

Hi Jarrod,

See this link No music when link Rooms together - #10 by NWT.Stuff

It would be helpful to know his:

  • Source
  • Control Point
  • Transfer Protocol
    For the Master Device.

Also in Single Room operation ( no slaves) is the Angie good .?

regards , Kevin

Angie? Sorry, not familiar with this term.

Thanks for pointing this out, but the issue isn’t the same.


Angie is a typo and a girls name :joy:

The link topic was just to emphasise how to establish if unclear about the terminology,

  • Source
  • Control Point
  • Transfer Protocol
    For the Master Device.

Do you know his Source, Control Point and Transfer Protocol ?

Does it happen with multiple Sources, e.g. Internet Radio & Spotify ?

Are all 5 Devices connected with LAN Cable or Wireless ?

If WiFi I would test individual pairs and see what happens. It could be that one device is on the “edge” and causing the whole multiroom stream to misbehave.

I know this doesn’t explain why this would happen with a Firmware upgrade but maybe there has been some tweak that makes his devices more intolerant.

Hope this helps, Kevin

P.S. I would also check the RSSI (Signal Strength) in the Arylic App for each device. My Personal Rule of thumb (Personal Rule NOT based on any advice from anyone !!) is anything less than 60% gets a LAN Cable or Improve WiFi Coverage.

His source is mainly local files on phone, or Amazon Prime. All devices are wireless with very good signal strength, > 90%.

Doing some more testing, I am finding interesting results with my own system. I have a Pro V3, and when I try to use IHeart radio through the 4Stream App, Android version, with wifi connection, it says my login info is incorrect. If I connect to other devices, like my Mini V3, it logs-in and works. If I use Amazon Prime on the Pro V3, it never plays or it looks like it is playing for about 5 seconds then stops. Connecting to the Mini V3 it does play without an issue.

I am thinking that there is an issue with the 4Stream App. @zpl1025 Does this sound crazy?

Saying all of that, I normally don’t use the 4Stream App as my “music player”. I have my own Plex server and like to use that, so I normally bluetooth to the device, then combine the speakers with the 4Stream App. I also use a FireTv stick with the IHeart and Prime apps and connect to Optical board to my 2.1 Amp and it sounds great.

We’ve actually received several feedback of this kind via app, but from the log message, seems the device has some issue in the TLS connection, still have no idea for what’s going on yet…

OK, thanks for the info. Let me know if I can provide any logs or anything.

Would this also cause issues with master/slave and playback where the slave sound would cut out?

no, they are not connected.

The amazon or tidal failed playing issue, from the log, we only can see the device can’t read more data from amazon/tidal server, the request just timed out and then track skipped. It does not help to determine the reason.

The multiroom should be improved, it would be more stable in the new version.

@Jarrod_Armstrong did your friend managed to fix this? I’ve noticed exactly the same behaviour in my speakers. Contacted Arylic support, not reply. Both my devices seems to have the latest a firmware 4.6.337862.29


It kind of “went away”. I am thinking he had some outside interference. I think he also did a factory reset on all of his devices, Up2Stream Pro 3.

I hope this helps.