Up2stream Mini V3 wifi not showing

A friend of mine sent me to have a go with this unit. He had changed the device name to Bedroom…

When it finishes booting I see the ssid pop up for a second and click on it but it says IP can not be found, then disappears.

I thought id reflash it, but seems only way is if it shows up on a wifi list which it does not.

how can this be reset to default?

Follow the instructions in the manual.

You can download manuals here https://www.arylic.com/pages/download

got the same case, my ongoing issue is i can not tap arylic ssid so still failed so far

Update, i can tap it, when i return to app, connection fail


Personally I would always use an UpStream2 PRO as it has a Wired LAN connection and this avoids the situation of connecting to a WiFi network before anything works. However that does not help you :sleepy:

If you can get a cable in there I would ask Arylic to exchange products (the price difference is very low).

Otherwise can you explain a little bit more about you’re experience ?

  • Is the white light flashing fast ?
  • Can you see the Arylic SSID ?
  • When you try to connect to Arylic SSID what message do you get ?
  • What Mobile App (Tablet/Phone) (Android/iOS) ?
  • Do you have access to another (Tablet/Phone) ? Is the result the same ?

Hope this helps, Kevin

Hello Kevin

Thank you so much for your help, my device are fine now , this device actually great, only need to read and follow instruction carefully.

as per your suggestion, my device also UpStream2 PRO, SSID fully hidden. but when i plugged lan cable,
it detect my up2stream again

according my case, arylic ssid are hidden when try to switch from mikrotik basebox2 to tp link cpe220 wireless.

BTW, i use arylic as an auto horn announcer controlled with home assistant in my school. i wonder arylic has embeeded product for horn.hehe

Thanks a lot for your help

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@Nasrul @zpl1025

Hopefully a tool is coming to us soon , regards Kevin