Up2stream HC Remote power control?

Got 2 UpStreamHDs to that I’ll be using to stream tidal to 2 zones in my house. These devices will be buried in a closet somewhere and I plan to control it 99pct of the time from my phone.

I’d rather not keep these 2 things constantly powered on and wondering if I can power on via one of the gpio pins available on the board? I can remote control the power supply but I assume that only puts the board in stand by until you physically press the button.

Hey Dave,

if you power up the power it will regularly boot and start normal. You don’t have to push any button. Check my Project Page. I use Shelly1+ as Wifi operated power switch. You can control these as well from your phone. If you have an iPhone you may also flash new firmware on the Shellys for HomeKit support. So you can activate the boards directly from your Home App. Probably as well via Siri.

Have a nice day!


Cool thanks! Where is your project page?

I’m a home assistant user…

Home Assistant also works with Shelly: