Up2Stream DAC HD / DIY Project / LED GPIO / Display Options

Hello there,

I’m in the process of creating a DIY project around the DAC HD. It should have a fully wooden housing, as well as individual front- and backplate. I give you some basic information an the hardware:

-Neutrik Power Con Socket
-Tyco Electronics Power Filter
-Shelly 1+ for Homekit integration and Standby Power Switch
-Block Toroidal Transformer
-Bridge Rectifier with LM1085-5 Linear regulator
-All Neutrik D-Type Connectors for USB, Ethernet, Digital and Analog Audio, external Antennas
-A Keyboard for the Frontplate I will make myself

For my Project I will use the following Acrylic Components:
-Up2 Stream DAC HD
-Digital In Board
-Display Board?
-Rotary Encoder
-IR Remote Board + Remote

Now regarding my Project I have a few questions:

  1. Since the Board is running fine in Laboratory Mode on my table and setup is finished, the Boards LEDs are no more lit. That is generally no problem because I want to connect LED from my frontplatm to the GPIO Headers. Will the be lit are are they disabled after fully set up?

  2. Acrylic offers only a very small OLED Display based on SSD1306 Chipset with I2C. I am looking for a larger display. There are a few options for larger displays on the market running on SSD1309 chipset. Will they work as well with the DAC HD?

It would very fine, If someone would give me a hint.

Thank you in advance!


Hello Together,

after some trial and error, a lot of email ping pong with Arylic Support, I now have the wiring for my project planning completed. The major drawback is that I couldn’t get the SSD1309 Display running.
Unfortunately no solution was found so far.

Now for today I will share a view on the subchassis for the DAC and the additional boards. It is an
aluminum plate with 20 by 15 cm.

In order for you to understand the project better I will now share the circuit and wiring diagrams.
These are Kicad drawings as PDF which are by far not perfect and they shall only show what the complete hardware will be. The circuit boards I will make by hand because it is just a few wires for the little Power Supply Board and the UI Board.

Now I have to find out how to share PDF’s!?


I will give you the files as jpg.
Here we go:

I’m curious about your feedback. What you think?

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Apart from (the unfulfillable) wish for a costum display, the brand new WIIM pro has about the same hardware and software capabilities plus gapless playback for appr. $ 150.

So you mean the up2stream DAC doesn‘t have gapless Playback? I did not try that yet.

Yes, no gapless. For the prize not a surprise. Therefor, the WIIm pro is a very good bargain.

Yes I tested it myself. No gapless. A drawback which I hope can be fixed with a firmware update? Maybe? Luckily I will mainly use it with AirPlay or preset playlists from my NAS. That is why I didn’t notice yet. With AirPlay gapless is ok.
About the Wiim… It doesn’t support optical in (for my TV) or analog in. So it won’t be a suitable device for me. Also for my taste of device design, I don’t like. That is why I will make the Arylic DAC with a custom made housing.
After all, thank you for the hint regarding gapless playback!

A little Project Update:

You’re confusing the WiiM mini with the WiiM Pro. The WiiM Pro does both optical and analog inputs. See photo

Thank you again for the hint. I still don‘t like this kind of plastic boxes. My purchase and decision is done. No need for a alternative.
Thank you!

New Project Update:

  • IR Receiver Window 3D-Printed
    (The Arylic IR extension has been stripped an mounted into the Window)

  • DAC Backpanel is pre mounted
    (Analog In Ports will be mounted later / RP-SMA Sockets will be mounted in upper row left and right.)

  • The Backpanel for the matching Mono Amps are pre mounted.