UP2Stream dac HD output II2S

Hello everyone, I’m trying to interface the UP2Stream DAC HD card with a DSP 1701 wondom, the problem is related to the master clock, I have to configure with sigma studio the II2S input but I don’t know exactly the data of the Arylic card,

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There are several possibilities of settings for II2S but I don’t know which one is the right one to make it match the Arylic card

I hope you can help me thanks bye everyone

Hi Diego,
This tutorial may be of interest to you and answer your question, its was for a mini/pro board, but it ink the I2S out will be the same.

Ciao Steve, il problema credo che derivi dal fatto che il dac HD e a 24/192 e credo vadano fatte delle impostazioni su Adau che siamo coincidenti con la scheda Arylic mi riferisco a queste impostazioni
image e la frequenza di campionamento, ora con quel collegamento non riesco a farla suonare

So you have tried different settings, left / right justified etc., but nothing works?

No I didn’t change the parameters in addition to the sampling rate because I don’t know their result but it doesn’t work for now, I wouldn’t want to spoil the Arilyc card

I don’t think that changing the input parameters will damage your board, if it were mine, I would try.

Hi Steve, I did some rehearsals now it plays but I’m not satisfied, there’s an annoying clip when I change songs you hear on one channel at a time when there’s a break between the two tracks now I have to rehearse do you have any idea why?

I’ll flick this one on to the more experienced in digital, @zpl1025 Frank, do you know why this might occur?
Thanks, Steve

Thanks Steve, I don’t know how the operation of the Dac HD card is managed, but the clip is in correspondence with the activation and deactivation of the individual channels so when after being powered or before turning off, now I’m using the outputs covered by the capacitors on the j1 terminal block maybe with those on the GPIO I don’t have this problem but I don’t know :thinking:, I thought it could also depend on the fact that for now it is temporarily powered with the usbC cable from a power supply but I don’t know​:man_shrugging:

I think someone from Arylic may need to help Diego out. The Mini and Pro both output 44.1 khz/ 16 bit on the I2S lines regardless of the source format. That makes it simple to use the I2S lines as the format never changes. The HD DAC is a different animal as it can output up to 192 khz / 24 bit. This raises some important questions when interfacing to the HD DAC’s I2S lines:

  1. Does the HD DAC’s I2S output format change (BCLK frequency and # of bits per sample) as the source format changes?

  2. Does the app have the capability to fix the I2S output to a chosen format (e.g. 48 khz/16 bits, etc.)?

  3. What is the I2S format (I2S, Left justified, etc.).

  4. What is the MCLK frequency?

I should point out Diego is using a basic DSP that can only handle one configured I2S format. If the HD DAC’s I2S format changes with the source format he can simply give up and switch to a DSP with an ASRC for sample rate conversion.