Up2Stream 2.1 Amp board questions

Deciding on this as sort of an all in one, just add speakers, compact hifi solution. Look me up on Youtube. DIY Full Range Hifi Speakers. I see some issues mentioned in reviews and lots of happy owners too.

My 2 questions are:
What DAC chip is onboard?
Where is the subwoofer volume control?

Please respond with your recommendation too.

Happy hifi - ing.

Hi Peter,
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The onboard DAC is integrated into a MVSilicon BP1064A2 which is a BT5.0 dual-mode 32-bit DSP audio processing control IC.
The subwoofer can be custom tuned to your liking with the ACPWorkbench software.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks @Steve1 ,
I’ve been fooling around with tpa, tda amp chip boards, bought a SMSL SU1 Dac and a Wiim Mini streamer. Using optical connection to the DAC and AUX to the amp. Sounds great but wires and power supplies everywhere.

How would the U2S 2.1 amp sound compared to my setup? I’m half minded to bite the bullet and try it.

Cheers Peter from Australia.:australia::peace_symbol:

Hi Peter,

Although owning lots of different gear over the years, I too mainly use class D amps these days. Unfortunately never owning any of the Arylic amplified products, I’m unable to comment on their sound qualities.

All of my experience with their product has been with the Pro V3/4 and mini streamer boards, I have four of the Pro and one mini boards all of which have add on I2s DAC boards of various kinds, only the mini has a SMPS, the rest have linear supplies.

The setup I have suits me that I can stream to one or all of them from the computer that has my digital library or from streaming services, or one or more from my iPad.

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The board has a slight hissing noise (through the speakers)
If you listen to very low volume it could disturb sensible ears.

more useful infos…

Hi Peter,
I cannot give advice about specific boards, chips or your system but I can tell you I was running a budget 2.1 amp from Douk Audio on my Klipsch soundbar and sub. I purchased the U2S 2.1 Amp and :exploding_head:

The original built in amp from Klipsch didn’t sound as good as the Arylic amp… I haven’t used the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool software, I just connected it, made a few X-over changes by ear and I’m really impressed.

PS: Hello from Brissy!


So far my experience with 2 by TPA3116 amp boards, both have a little hiss, one louder to the point I had to bin it. Otherwise sounded very good for the cost. I have been impressed with a TDA7498E. I now have a TPA3155, yet to test though. Happy amping. Oh yeah I have a TPA3116D2 which is happily quiet. You can see my builds on my YT channel.:australia::peace_symbol:

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Thanks hello from Sydney​:australia::peace_symbol:

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