U2S Amp2.1 Single Location of Known Issues

Is there a forum Topic, a location, a PDF, etc. with a list of known issues on the U2S Amp2.1 customers need to know about?

So far I have discovered 3 issues, which I feel I should have been informed of when I purchased the board, with still other unknowns I waiting on answers. After all, this is a DIY product so this information is important for us.

  1. Silkscreening error on the board for the 5v 2PIN connector (#14 in the User Manual)
  2. Missing resistor on the board causing a massive pop when power is supplied to the amp
  3. The “ADC-KEY” PIN (#16 in the User Manual) R47 10K resistor in the button diagram on the VDD3V3 is not needed as it is already on the board

I understand there are issues, there will always be issues, that’s not a problem. As a customer, we need to know about them early on as we end up wasting a lot of time troubleshooting.

  • Are there other known issues customers need to about?
  • Does a central location exist with all known issues?

The biggest issue:
New firmware is pushed to the device silently, when it is idle.
You can not deactivate it in the menu.
You must be aware of having problems with changes in the firmware anytime.
(only solution is blocking the update server in your routers)

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Yeah, that is a big issue… What IPs did you block?

I see several posts in the forum about failed updates but I’ve never read them as I have no need. As for my amp, I haven’t connected it to WiFi or Ethernet, so I’m safe for now. :crossed_fingers:

I have blocked


Ahhh, so Arylic doesn’t design its own products, Rakoit does… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Same company.