Unlink L+R Channels

Hi There I have a Up2stream Amp Stereo and I have succesfully connected to it on Workbench software. Made some adjustments and all is good.
Does anyone know if I can seperate/ungang L+R Channels to give me individual control of each?
(I have a speaker in 2 different rooms, hence asking)
Many thanks in advance!

Afternoon! Any thoughts on this?

Anyone out there? Would love some assistance with this. Thank you

When you say “separate/ungang” the left and right channels it makes me wonder if you want to try and play different content thru each? Although the workbench tuning tool can adjust the L&R gain separately, I haven’t come across a feature yet that lets you disassociate the channels.

If you haven’t seen the tutorial, it’s here https://youtu.be/wGuqUObp7Jo?si=_pS-sIDk4g6FBiXW

If all you want to do is play the same source content in two different locations at different levels (L & R channels) can’t you just use your balance control?

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Hi Steve
Thank you for the response, much appreciated.
I don’t need separate sources for L+R just listening to radio mainly.
One speaker in kitchen one in bathroom.
I have mono ed in workbench but need to try unticking link channels.
On the 4 stream app it give control for L or R or L+R Channels which made me think it may be possible.
Can’t see balance anywhere on the app though?
Just checked again but not seeing.

Thank you Steve!! :pray:t3:

Unchecked L+R Link on 1st page of workbench. This says it’s the line in not output…… does not work :frowning:
Been through all pages but no luck.
Most labels and functions on workbench do not make much sense!
Watching video u linked. Many thanks for that.

Let me know if any other ideas!

Any chance of someone from Arylic assisting?

Oh yeah, you’re right. You can however change the balance with the web control, don’t know if that helps?

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Hi Rich,

I think there’s separated configs for each output, eg: Left and Right channel. So you could set different gain for them to manage the balance, and also there’s an ‘Output Mode’ in the bottom, you could set to MONO L+R, so all the Left/Right output channel will have the mixed L+R sound.

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I have set output to mono sum, that’s great. I just want to control L+R volume independantly via the 4stream app if possible. Why is there options for control of L ch, R ch or both channels if they can’t be used independantly?
Any idea?
Appreciate your answer, many thanks.

Hi There
So no answer to this?
Any chance of manufacturer assisting?

Hi, You could check out the WEBUI, there’s a balance option in the audio settings, which will set different volume to L/R channel.

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Hello, yes. There is balance control on the web app.
But as per my previous question:
I just want to control L+R volume independantly via the 4stream app if possible. Why is there options for control of L ch, R ch or both channels if they can’t be used independantly?
but not on the app (that i use to control the system)

So this isn’t possible?
Can someone from Arylic confirm this please?
Many thanks

Trying to tag @zpl1025 for assistance

is it possible to output only processed L or R channel - one board for L and one for R channel?

Yes what you are describing is possible and has been done by other forum members but with caveats, the Arylic design boards cater to multiroom usage rather than achieving flawless synchronization within the same room

How? L and R are linked. Also I don’t understand what is mono 1 and mono 2?

Ok output L or R is in Audio Effects:


now question is what kind of delays between two amp boards in analog/BT/Wifi/Toslink inputs, in other word “out of sync”.

sorry, it’s not implemented, and also not possible to be controlled on APP, it’s designed for normal user. This is too much for them, they would be confused for the too much sliders and options when she want to use it.

Anyway, the balance I’ve mentioned on the WEBUI, it is actually implemented with adjust the volume of left and right channel audio. For example, you set it to 50%, so the Left output volume will be 100% with Right output volume 50%. And when you set to -50%, the Left is 50%, and right 100%. It could be considered as the separated channel volume in this perspective.

Hi, yes of course I could buy another board, to only be using half of each board!(one side)
Would rather use both channels of board I have.