Un soldering Volume, treble and bass

I am the fortunate recipient of Upstream 2.1amp board, the dimensions of the board were perfect (as advertised)for my project, however the 3 knobs, volume, bass and treble have made the project impossible for my needs due to the increased size. Can these three elements be removed from the board, without any impact. Thank you.

This topic has already been discusses, see https://forum.arylic.com/t/relocating-volume-tone-and-bass-knobs-anyone-done-it/338.

People like me have damaged the board when desoldering the knobs (but mine still works), others were successful and made it without damages. It should be possible if you use a desoldering pump (I didn’t, unfortunately).

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Thank you Sven. I did purchase a pump, which did help, but in the process the buttons were destroyed, board has remained intact and works without the buttons. Appreciate your effort for replying and sending the link.