UART info about active input

Hi , i just ordered up2stream pro v3 .
Where i can find information about the UART pins
And second question is :
How i can read the information via UART about the input who is active now ( wifi , usb , bluetooth … )
I want to display this information in oled

Hi! I’m new here, but I can advise you to read this page
[Firmware Upgrade 4.2.9326.26]
and download a description of the UART commands. To obtain information about the active source, send a STA; request, and read in the response line which input is active. RX TX pins are located on the connector with outputs for LEDs and analog keyboard. Logic levels 3.3v. I was able to control the board and receive feedback from it using arduino.

ALSO You can send “SRC;” request and receive answer like “SRC:NET”


@Ivo_Irmanov As @cheeks suggests there is stuff on the Forum that will lead you there.

The ultimate objective is this Documentations |

Work in Progress for now but will be the go to place in the future :crossed_fingers:

@Ivo_Irmanov Thanks for ticking this as a solution. It’s a lot of work but we arrive at this kind of nice documentation reference with thanks to @phranck and @zpl1025 :clap:

A lot of more work to do but I am committed to help contribute to this documentation to help it move forwards quickly :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Kevin

hello ,
when connect up2stream with my mcu i can receive info from board , but when i try to send command
nothing happend .

lets say i want to send ver to receive some info but no answer .
How should look like this command ? i try with ver; VER; doesnt work …

thank you !

SORRY , it was my mistake …
all work now :wink:
will be ready with this project soon …

Share more info/code?

I plan to try if I can include a status display for my 2.1 plate amp

hello, where i can find any documentation about uart control Up2Stream Pro V3?

Hi, have you any doc about uart control?