Streaming via a URL (Output)

Hi Guy,

Following a conversation with Arylic I was recommended to get the Up2stream Pro V3 as this would enable me to stream music to a laptop or device via a URL. Once getting the unit I have been speaking with support as I am struggling to achieve this and they have now not responded to my last email for over a week.

Can anyone please help or advise me if this is possible ?



Hi @dawsmac Richard,

Welcome to the Forum where you wind many helpful and friendly people.

It is not clear exactly what you are trying to achieve. When you say URL, Which URL ?

Read through this post and identify your wishes in the form of SOURCE, SINK & CONTROL POINT.

Hope this helps


I’m not quite understand the issue, you want to stream music from Up2Stream PRO to computer?

Normally the Up2Stream PRO is used as a streamer, and it will receive streams from other device, not send stream to other device. That means you can stream music from laptop to Up2Stream PRO, but not in reverse.

Hey Guys,

Thanks for your update and explanation, I was of the same understanding, but wanted to confirm this with Arylic support before buying and when I asked them I was told it would work this is why I am

I was trying to enable the line out from my Dad’s record player to be heard on his laptop in a different room via a URL… our APP

@dawsmac Richard,

Quite a chocolate factory you are trying to create there :joy:

You need ADC >> Cast Digital >> Receive Digital >> Playback on Laptop :thinking:

The simplest thing I can thing of is extend the line out (cable) into the room with the laptop and then whack in an ADC convertor that can go into the laptop e.g. Cheap Analog to Digital Converters (2021 Review) - American Songwriter

Otherwise buy you Dad a new Record Player (Turntable) with Bluetooth OUT. I bought a TEAC one for my Sister and it works really well. Also sounds good and has a classical Analogue Audio OUT too (for the PreAmp, Amplifier close to the Turntable - Phono Stage is usually in built).

Bluetooth will hook up really simple to the Arylic Devices too :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, Kevin ?

P.S. with my dealings with Arylic they are definitely not a Company that will sell you a White Elephant. I would suggest that there was a misunderstanding when you specified your requirements. After all respect to them on many issues as English Language is not their native Language.