Stream to multiroom from Optical Input - A50

Hi there,
In case I want to have the TV Out connected to the Optical Input on the A50, will it be able to stream that audio to other rooms in a group?
I will be using it to stream some music from Youtube etc, so no big deal if there is a delay between the video image and the audio.

Also, can I have the same A50 participating in more than one group (e.g. whole house has all A50 devices; BBQ would have kitchen + backyard + swimming pool; Dinner Party would have kitchen, dining room and living room…)? For sure only one group would be streaming a time…



I’d like to know this as well. I’m trying to decide if it is worth adding the optical boards in my speaker builds.

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Hmmmm… Not sure it if should or should not :thinking:

I’ll try it with an S50+ and a couple of DIY boards.

Multiroom Audio in Spanish Villa. This has been tested but not implemented. No “Optical In” in this scenario

Regards Kevin

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Hi, the Optical Input of A50 could be able to streamed to other devices in group, which we called multi room . And the only issue is the delay introduced and which you have already noted.

And you sure can be able to create different groups at the same time, and you can play normally on one group, but you can’t share the audio output from one group to another.


@Jzad @zpl1025 @Feaps

I tried with S50+ as a MASTER. In Single zone the optical input works well with no significant delay.

For Multi Room I used a MINI and AMP V4 as Slaves on the same Network. The Multiroom did not work. This was with 2 devices or 3 devices in a Zone. The Zone is created but no sound is coming out of any of the devices. When trying to go back to Single Mode the app struggles to get healthy again.

I checked Multiroom with another source (Amazon Music) and it worked fine.

Conclusion:- Multiroom on the S50+ with Optical Input does NOT WORK for me !!

I will test all Inputs and post again later, Regards Kevin

Hi Kevin, I have to say that the first batch S50 has this bug and it’s a fault in hardware… We’ve fixed this in next batch. If the multiroom for optial input is critical for you, please ask for a replacement with Joy. You can check the details with http://DEVICE_IP/httpapi.asp?command=getStatusEx, and from the output, and check the “project” field, “ARYLIC_S50” is faulty, and “ARYLIC_S50A” is normal…

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@zpl1025. Thanks Frank.

I have made the check and the result is as you explain “project”: “ARYLIC_S50”.

The Optical Input on my S50+ will not be used. I was just testing to help out on the forum. Regards, Kevin

Awesome. Thanks for the precise answer. I eill get a few A50+ devices, then.

@zpl1025 Hi Frank,

My project field contains: “RP0016_S50PRO_S”.
Where does this belong in terms of the problem?

This is the very first model, which is S50PRO, and the ARYLIC_S50/ARYLIC_S50A is S50PRO+. The new model used Optical In and Sub OUT instead of the original LINE-IN2, and based on the new MCU system.

@zpl1025 Interesting, my device has opt-out (tos-link) too beside line-out rca, i use it to the ampifier.

My mistake, should be OPT IN, have edited.