SPDIF Power Cable Pinout Reversed

I bought myself an Up2Stream APM2.1 and SPDIF Input Board for X-mas. I’m just getting around to adding it to my home audio setup and noticed the 2 PIN power cable going from the amp to input board is reversed on one end i.e. If I plug them in as they are, the input board would receive GND to + and +5V to . You can see in the attached image the cable is straight.

I can easily reverse one end but I want to ensure there is in fact an issue before I do so???

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e… it would be a silk print error on this board, you could connect with the wire directly.

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Thanks for that @zpl1025 … Yes, the amp board voltage is the opposite of the way it is labelled.

Do you work at Arylic? I don’t want to take just anyone’s advice and burn something up and be out of a warranty.

Yes, I work at Arylic. You could also measure the PIN to confirm if possible.

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Great. If you say it is ok, then I’ll give it a go.
Yes, I measured the voltage at the PINs on the amp board.

@zpl1025 Cheers for helping! :trophy: That worked!