S50 Pro+ issues

I have two units that are in two adjacent rooms each hooked to their own system. The units are with 20 feet of the same Wireless access point. I am having sync issues when I have them grouped. Tidal play back is spotty (But Deezer works fine) and in the Tunein App, sometimes I will press play on a station and the unit will turn itself off. Not all stations, just some.
My biggest frustration is that I have reached out to info@arylic.com multiple times and even to Sales@arylic.com to get some direction on what is going on.

Does anyone have service phone number or a tech support email address?
Is anyone else having these issues?
How do I update the firmware on the units or is is automatically updating? ( I know how to update the 4Stream app)

I think that when units are grouped they are communicating over their own wifi, not hotspot. You should bring them closer. One wall stops the signal more than a few meters of air, and if there is a path that is not perpendicular to the wall, that is even more.
I think Arylic @zpl1025 working on grouped mode to go through router, but for now :slight_smile:

Thank you. Will try but that may not be possible to move them closer. I am feeling like a Beta customer who spent $400.00. I have my system set up with local amplifiers so the speaker runs are short. It the reason I bought the product. Might have to go with Rune endpoints to make the system work better. They communicate over the network, not some janky own wifi. I appreciate the information Sage.

Thank you

When grouped, the device would communicate over the router, not the self wifi or hotspot, so the distance between devcies is not the reason, but the 2.4G signal does affect.

OOps, my error, I had memory zpl1024 was talking about that, but I was wromg


Jan 21

Hi Lindsay, you grouped all device together? And could you try group 2 devices and give it a try.

Btw, the latest multiroom feature will work with router, not stand alone hotspot. So all data will go through the router, that might rely on router performance also.