PoE Injector for S10/Up2stream Pro V3

Hi everyone,

I am looking for an option to connect the S10/ Up2stream Pro V3 via a POE Injector. Unfortunately I can only find 5V 2a or 2,5a injectors. Can I use the 2a or 2,5a ones without damaging the S10/ Up2stream Pro V3?

The reason for using PoE is the reduction of structural wiring in my rack plus the option that I can powercylce via switch port.



My up2stream pro V3 consump less then 0.4a from 5v supply.

and I would advise putting a 1500-2200 uF capacitor in front of the board itself. Considering the small cross-section of the wire in a twisted pair, such a capacity will clearly be useful.

It is safe when the voltage will be 5V. No matter how much current the power could supply, the system will only consume what it needs, and 5V1A is enough.

Now imagine an amp board with li-ion battery mgmt and the ability to be powered and charge the batteries from a POE ethernet port on it. This would allow makers to add batteries to their speakers to sustain music “at volume” for a listening session. The board would then recharge the batteries with only a POE ethernet cable. Great for portable speakers, but also great for home speakers as well. No need to run power to the speaker location, and the advantage of a low latency/noise data connection.

Anyone seeing themselves applying this use case?


Not investigated or invested in POE but very interested in finding a good battery solution. I certainly get you point about having a clean DC Signal running around the house. Maybe POE is the best way ?

Two examples on Forum where battery power is or will be used.

Regards, Kevin

What is the specific reason, you advise to put a capacitor in front of the board?

compensate for voltage dips associated with peaks in device consumption. after all, the twisted pair has a decent resistance.