Pair 2 mini’s to create stereo set


I’m planning on building 2 active speakers each with it’s own mini v3.
Is it possible to pair these 2 speakers as a stereo set. So no multiroom but a stereo setup in one room?

Thx for you’re help


Hi Evert, and welcome to the forum.
I cannot see why it wouldn’t work, so I’m thinking you are planning to put a single channel amplifier in each speaker and the use either the left or right hand channel of the mini as the source?
You could group them on the app and use the individual mini outputs as your stereo balance.

You could also consider possibly using an active crossover in each of your speakers and bi-amping them?

Hi Evert,

Sorry but for now it’s not a viable solution as you can read on: Using 2 UpToStream Amp Mono for left & right speakers

Maybe a future upgrade…

Have a nice day!

It works, with some glitches, but it works

Can you tell me more about the glitches?

Most of it is resolved in firmware updates.

  • there were problems with volume control
  • adjusting volume for the group is resolved with uart command
  • uart settings can now be saved as default (max volume, etc.)
  • you always have one as main (master) or you can connect both to third to have master separated from speakers.
  • have to be on wifi, bt TWS was promised, but is still not finished by arylic (@zpl1025 )

Concerning delays on wifi/airplay. Only problem is with airplay, as it is 1.0 it have delay about 1-2 sec from source so you cannot use it for tv speakers for example. Bt is also not good because it is not aptX Low Latency and is also noticeable.
If you plan it just for music listening than it is ok.

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Hello thank you for the responds.
My plan is to build a full active system, a 4ch amp (jab5) per speaker and use the dsp from the jab5 to create a crossover network. The jab 5 connects to the mini v3 via I2S (i believe this is possible)
But seeing the reactions, it may not be the best idea. Delay between the speakers would be a big no go.

There is no noticeable delay between speakers. There is delay from source.
All the minis would be paired in time but playing some time behind source (because of buffer).
The problem is if TV is source, then there is delay of sound behind a picture.
If it is for audio than it is ok. You only have delay when you press play on source and sound start second later, not immediately.

Connecting to JAB5 via IS2, you have to check master clock if on JAB it can be in slave mode? But anyway I think you can try connecting to analog out from mini to JAB5 analog would not make much difference.

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