Using 2 UpToStream Amp Mono for left & right speakers

I have the project to use 2 mono amp in order to connect the left speaker to an amp and the right speaker to the 2nd one. The goal being to build 2 active speakers without cables in between.

so, it means that:

  • I should be able to configure one board to send only the left channel, the other one only the right channel. Is it feasible with the ACP Workbench?
  • as it is for a single room, there should be no audible delay between the 2 speakers. One being master, I wonder if there is latency for the slave (is there a clock synch through wifi?)
    I ask because I saw in the comments of the board a person mentionning a kind of surround effect with such type of configuration. May be due to a micro delay?

thanks for guidance.

Hi, there’s no clock sync in master and slave, so the WIFI multiroom feature is actually not suitable for this case. There’s an unpredictable minor delay between master and slaves. This delay is not noticed in multiroom, but it would cause phase issue when used as stereo system when two speakers are close.

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Thanks, this is what I was suspecting.